New branch of EVE online proffesion LP trading

I present in front of you the idea of LP trading which been discused in past in 2013 but did not gain yield. I think the LP trading would open new proffesion which would benefit the managment or trade minded capsulers and the game itself.

There are people who are lazy to trade their Loyalty Points and would preffer to sell it trough people, those who transitioned from missioning into different activities or those who have left-over LP’s which are too small to convert trough the LP stores.

Please bring the idea up to the governors attention for the matters re-evaluation.

Fly safe

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The only way I would support LP trading - so as to not destabilize the economy and have an economy revolve around LP farmers - is if:

  • If less than 100% efficiency of LP was traded. For example, At 80% efficiency, buyer would have to “sell” 125,000 LP just for the buyer to get 100,000 LP
  • Certain corps had additional efficiency penalties based on a number of considerations:
    • Pirate faction corps based on their low-accessibility but having highly desired goods
    • FW corps due to having certain exclusive and discounted LP goods but demanding high PVP exposure in order to procure them
    • R&D corps for having exclusive LP goods
    • Certain corps besides the FW corps that have discounted LP goods compared to other corps that offer the same LP goods at normal rates
    • CONCORD/DED due since players would be skipping highly demanding Incursions/Invasions for their exclusive goods

After factoring this into consideration, you may find yourself in a position where the resulting LP you paid for is worth less than if you bought the items off market at current prices (which, by the way, are plummeting due to the introduction of relist fees. Not saying it’s a bad idea, though. I’m open to it (not crazy about it) - provided the above efficiency mechanic were in place.

LP Trading is already a thing.

I got your point i was expecting that it will be more intertwined on molecular level than my knowledge reaches so far but we are here to solve this sh*t right!?

While i see in your above points that it would have impact on different activities but all those have same in common and that is that each of them investing their time into activity in order to gain LP while some of them have already given an advantage to gain more out of the LP’s then the competetive branches, which boils down to one thing that the LP is spread accross way too many activities.
Either, diversification of this currency let say there would be completely new currency for CONCORD-ers/DED-ers in form of CONCORD COINS (CC) while those items which they currently have lucrative access trough their hard work would be purchsable trough CC and LP in different values.
‘‘Divide and rule they say’’

The branches like SECURITY or MINING which are very common and popular way of gaining LP could benefit from the abillity of selling their LPs hassle free to the traders or even creation of corporation where the LP would be transfered dirrectly into the coporation’s chest with immediate ISK reibursment while they could set the value for which they buying this LP of the players inbetween some acceptable borders. I am pretty sure there are many trilionares out there ready to set up such a human farms.
‘‘The sheep would stay whole, while the wolf fed’’

The efficiency drop would be an option but it would definitely discourage the LP trading schemes and thus defeating the purpouse. Still, people would willing to do it, we can see this in SP market where there is less skill points injected which was paid for yet they still buying it.

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