Loyality Point Trading

I’ve had 23 LPs from Eifyr and Co since 2013 and a few hundred more scattered around 50 corporations.

Is it possible to allow them to be contracted or put on the market ?
Better still would be a trade system maybe with fees based on standings and an exchange rate.

Concord LP, obtained by running Incursion sites and destroying the Kundalini/Ouroborus Manifest, is the only Loyalty Points that can be converted into other faction LP, any except the pirate factions, at rates of 0.8 or 0.4. The are frequently traded among players. The rate at which concord LP goes for is roughly 1100-1400 ISK/LP.

your 23 LP from Eifyr will sit there forever, there is nothing worth 23 LP that you can trade in for. Your 3 options are…

  1. leave them as is
  2. do more missions and stop when you get an amount equal to one or more items in the LP store then trade in.
  3. do incursions and convert x number of concord LP to Eifyr LP to the value of something in their LP store.

however it will not disappear from your list it will simply show a 0 next to Eifyr

no, you won’t get rid of these remaining crumbs.

My question is why not allow trading of other LP

I also have 440000 Caldari Navy LP - Why can’t I trade them like concord LP

If you could buy everything from LP store with any LP, that would make the difrence between npc factions quite meaningless.


you can. go in caldari navy station, open LP store, trade them.

I would assume that the ability to trade Concord LP was introduced o encourage taking part in incursions (given it has specialized game play and limited participation by a niche community)

However, The lack of unique products related to the owners of NPC LP stores does not encourage the running of the missions from minor NPC corps nnless you are running missions to increase faction standing, or grinding to improve trading costs at certain NCP held trade hubs.

In fact the only the only faction that encourages a healthy amount of mission running is SOE which has unique items for sale.

A healthy pass of NPC module, booster & implant Tiericide would create unique items for all NPC corps and encourage participation.

So Concord -> NPC trade is OK even though it makes the difference between npc factions meaningless by allowing trade with any LP store.

But introducing NPC -> Concord trade is WRONG because it makes the difference between npc factions meaningless by allowing trade with any LP store.

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