LP - Transfer and Sell

I would like to be able to Transfer and Sell Loyalty Points directly between Players (Characters).

Accumulating enough LP to convert and then selling the products on the market is very inconvenient.

I have LP from several Corporations that I will never accumulate enough to convert into something worthwhile.


A Corporation’s Loyalty Points are a way for that Corporation to reward its loyal “customers”.

Why would they allow them to be sold to other people who may be an enemy of that corporation?


I have billions in assets in null… i shouldn’t have to find a trade hub to sell it all… /s


I have … *counts fingers … 1,2,3,4* 800+ corpses!
I shouldn’t have to move them all to the Jovservatory to deliver them to the Drifters!


Jint Hikaru - You should have said that you prefer the Loyalty Points System to keep working this way. Without making life easier for other players.

Because the excuse you used already has inconsistencies within the game.

Following your logic:
Why would Corps allow you to convert CONCORD LP in their own LP.
Why would they allow their Enemies (-5 Character) to run missions for them.
Why would they allow to share missions rewards with their Enemies.

The only answer that really makes sense is. Because this is a Game.

When it comes to CONCORD LP. Players already try to get around this problem through a sequence of exchanges in the “CONCORD LP” Channel. But these are players trying to plug the holes that CCP left open.

Those who sell their LP directly will earn less but will get a more immediate return.
Those who research the markets, convert LP into products, and wait for the right time to be sold, will continue to profit more.

In my opinion, allowing the direct exchange and sell of LP would be a very welcome change for many players. A Quality of Life Improvement.

I would like CCP to give us the tools to actually Exchange and Sell LP between Characters.

Rocket Hellfire - But you don’t really need to, right.
You have several options. Because CCP has created several tools that allow you to sell, trade or convert them.

You can Sell them at the Null-Sec Markets.
You can Trade them directly with other Characters.
You can Sell or Trade them through Contracts.
You can Reprocess them. Converting them into minerals and some components.
You can Sell on a big Market-Hub to make ISK faster.
You can Sell on a small Market to make more ISK.

then ya say

lol you mean you, everything else in your post starts with I.

so, i fixed this bit for ya :wink:


LP are not assets until converted into assets.

it’s not a great idea to be honest, loyalty points are exactly what they are, points rewarded for loyalty. transfering them should not be allowed in my opinion.

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xxxTRUSTxxx - Of course this is something I would like as it would make much easier to convert LP into ISK.

Writing a Forum Thread is Asking to be Attacked. And not to start a conversation.
That’s why they say to avoid the Forum and try to write directly to one of the developers or a CSM Member.

I don’t know why you are being so aggressive about denying, criticizing and belittling this topic.

“He thinks other people have the same problems as him and want the same changes” Stone Him…

Of course this is my opinion. And I don’t have a “magic power” to know what other people are really thinking. Or what would really be better in the long run. I can only give my viewpoint and ask what other people think. With luck, some people will try to have a real conversation.

But you are being a big “Denier” if you think that it would only benefit me, and that I’m the only one who would like this possibility.

New players take a long time to realize the existence of LP. How to make use of it. How to convert into ISK.

Players even stop tracking how much LP they have.
One reason for this is the impossibility to easily Transfer or Sell these LP.

How many LP are forgotten in the Journal of thousands of player characters ?

Maybe someone in CCP takes a look at this Topic and comes to the conclusion that it is a viable idea and that facilitating the circulation of LP would make players give more importance to this “Corporate Currency”.

Anytime you post a suggested change to the game mechanics, you should expect pushback from people either challenging your proposal, or explaining why the game is the way it is. And, I also disagree with changing the game mechanics, because I think LP is working as intended.

However, I do see your frustration. I really hate LP; and I would gladly sell it to another capsuleer at a discount, if such an opportunity presented itself.

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why would you see a response on a forums as an attack, should everyone just agree with you and all good ??

yet you ignored it and then when you felt attacked, which you are not. you act surprised.

i’m not.

because some players choose to not utilise their LP you believe this Corporate Currency as you put it is not circulated nor utilised. you’re very wrong on that.

I’ve no idea. but they choose to not use them.

It would help if you at least approached the topic.

  • Why allowing the players to Transfer and Sell LP is so bad then ?
  • Why the LP system is so perfect the way it is ?

“Working as Intend” - - - I don’t like this sentence.

  • Is it really working as intended ?
  • The intention of who ?
  • Where was the intentions registered, so that we can analyze it ?
  • The intention was to be accessible or not ?
  • Why do players have to keep developing workarounds them ?

Is everything in game Working as Intended ?

ask CCP

i was responding to your post, but guess what?

you changed it 4 times while i was typing, i’m not interested in engaging no longer, well done.

My Bad.

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perhaps you should post this idea in the correct section, it would probably recieve a better response.

also relax on changing the bloody questions mid drift, :wink: it’s a little off putting to say the least, makes ya feel like i need to quote the whole post in fear of the original question changing and making the response fit in a way it wasn’t intended.

funny, just after i read this thread i saw this other thread below and thought it may help answer some of your questions as to why messing with LP might be a bad thing.

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Poteque Pharmaceuticals 12

With 12 LP I don’t think I can even buy ammo.
I don’t even remember when I performed any mission for this corporation.
Is it part of any Career Missions or Sisters of EVE Epic Arc.

The current LP System is flawed. There are several products that Fuzzwork lists, the return of isk/lp, with negative values.

Why not put an option on missions that instead of giving you LP, would give you a little more ISK them.

Why is this a flaw with the LP system? Lowball Jita buy order prices are not a game design flaw.

LP stores are an important ISK sink. Adding the option to get additional ISK (even if it’s something small like 1,000 ISK/LP) in lieu of LP as mission rewards would negate that.

It’s not, and I think adding LP trading would be a good idea as you’d be able to sell your LP to other players who could find a niche in buying LP from other players and trading in faction stuff. The problem is that people hear ideas for changes, assume that those changes will have consequences they can’t foresee and oppose it on those grounds. At least in my case, I think there’s merit in giving players more choices with how to use LP.

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Maybe we shouldn’t help Farmers, when Farmers are what CCP actively wants to get rid of?


As always, i don’t want lp trading. Lp is a special resource that represents how much a npc corp wants to give you a discount at their special shop because you’ve worked for them.

It does not make sense to make it tradable in the same way you cannot trade your staff discount at work.

I do however support the idea of corp taxing lp as a way for people to pool sp. (must not be a social corp.)

(please do social corps properly ccp)