Make LP tradeable

Okay, so my proposal is to make LP tradeable. Ultimately I’d love to see a sort of forex market, but a more realistic solution is to be able to convert LP-in-your-wallet into LP-in-asset-form tokens (much like AUR tokens) that are then tradeable on the market for ISK and convertible back to wallet LP. In this post I will expand on this proposal answering what, where, who, why, when, and how this would work.

Make LP tradeable in a more direct fashion than the current system of “Okay, buy X item in the LP store for me”.

Optimally, I’d love to see these traded via a new market interface that does forex-style trading. However, I think it much more simple and likely to implement if we simply add a new item to LP stores that converts LP into a token in some sort of increment (probably, i would say, minimum 1k increments) that allows for adding it as a market asset similar to existing in-game assets that are openly market tradeable.

LP “purchasing” services exist in the game already, and this would enhance their capabilities significantly, while simultaneously expanding the market for others to have this opportunity due to better information visibility. Let’s say I know that you can buy widgets from caldari navy worth 1k ISK/LP, and I want to cash in while the market’s good on widgets. Right now, if I want to buy LP from others, I have to let them in on the secret that widgets are really good in the market right now, since I’m forced to have them buy whatever I want from the LP store (I cannot purchase it directly). If we instead make some mechanism where I can purchase the LP from them (either directly or via an LP token asset) I am no longer forced to reveal what I intend to utilize the LP for, allowing me the opportunity to protect my margins.

Simultaneously and conversely, putting LP on the market either via a secondary forex market or via an LP token asset allows for more transparent pricing mechanisms on LP, providing a benefit to any player using LP for any purpose, and allows for a “baseline” ISK/LP value to be made visible for those considering LP store purchases.

Assuming we go with the (simpler to implement) token system:
For generating the tokens, existing LP stores are already well-suited to this and it would (hopefully) be a negligible addition. For trading the tokens, the simplest way is to add them to the existing market, although making them contract-only assets is an option (but negates many of the transparency advantages that the market would provide).

This could be implemented with, I believe, a relative minimum of fuss, and once approved could be implemented to at least SiSi nearly immediately.

I’ve effectively stated the who (as in “Who does this benefit”) already under why, but it’s my firm belief that this benefits anyone who generates LP as well as anyone who wishes to purchase items via LP, allowing for much greater flexibility.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have about this proposal.

Your idea would devalue all LP’s and make the differences between them completely useless.


I would prefer a more Lore like thing…

We already know that corporations use company scrip to pay employees, and if they try to change corps the exchange rates for that scrip is always favorable to the new parent company.

We already have the ability for Concord LP to be exchanged this way…

So why can we not just have all the Corporations be able to do this instead?

I wouldn’t complain about a more direct way to turn LP into isk.

It would devalue things CCP has explicitly made changes to in order to increase their cost/difficulty to obtain.

Such as?

Creating a market for LP basically turns it into a fungible commodity at which point it has no need to exist - simply sell stuff in the LP store for ISK - which would, in fact, provide a useful sink.

If it exists to reward loyalty, it needs to remain bound to the character that earned it.

Edit: If you sold stuff in the LP store for ISK you could adjust the price based on standing - charge a premium for negative standing or give a discount for positive. This would indirectly reward loyalty.


Can I have my Navy Grade ships for free too please.

My proposal: add LP tokens to the LP stores, which can then be sold and redeemed for LP by another character at a discounted rate. For example, Alice uses 11k LP to buy a 10k LP token, which she sells to Bob.

FW corps should probably be exempt though, since LP liquidity just makes Caldari/Amarr that much worse.

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Here is my proposal:

  • Remove dog-tag collection from faction modules
  • Increase isk value of faction modules (mag-stabs, heat-sinks, ballistic controls, points, scrams, webs,…)

A glorious isk sink has been created.

  • Make gate in front of (hidden, forlon, forsaken) rally points, hubs, havens and sanctums that only allow battleships and below

  • Remove burner missions

  • Make a better CONCORD LP store and remove the ability to change CONCORD LP to else LP

  • Remove infinite isk from illegal sooper-dooper-bot farming

  • Remove infinite isk from illegal bot-mining

  • Remove cheat-stix

  • Only allow one account to be logged on at a time

Risk restored. Economy fixed. Alt pestilence fixed for good. EVE becomes good again.

Why did Burners have to be removed?

Corps taxing lp yes. But no trading.

Not all lp from the same corp is worth the same. You can increase the value of your lp by saving it for a more expensive item.

This means all lp is reduced to the value set by short-termist/desperate sellers.

This idea was proposed about a year a ago, i suspect by someone you know well. It still has no merit because it makes the mistake of assuming that all LP is of equal value and are thus able to be monetized into a single currency which isnt true.

Making LP tradable seems like a good idea. I would simply put them on the normal market. But how do you do that? You buy certificates worth x amount of LP. So if you had 1,000 LP with brutor tribe you could buy a 1,000 LP certificate in the LP store. You still have 1,000 Brutor Tribe LP, but now you can sell it on the market.

An interesting thing about this method is that you can actually lose the LP if you get ganked while transporting them.

do you want everyone to be made into alpha accounts too?

Why would a Corp allow its LP to be traded? They are rewarding your loyalty.

I would imagine that SOE would not someone who they hate, rocking up to their shop and buying their tech.

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I love the idea in your edit, actually.

This was, effectively, my suggestion.

You know the perceived loyalty argument really doesn’t make much sense if you consider the fact that we already have an LP that can be converted to other stores, or the fact that my current, actual standings have no effect on redemption.

Just because I ran a few missions for a corp years ago, are they going to turn a blind eye to the fact that I have since hunted their fleets and trashed my standings with them into oblivion since then?

Yeah, it’s not loyalty they’re Concerned with here. This is basically a rewards program like at the supermarket. They want you to come back to buy more stuff (or in our case, come back and rescue more damsels in distress). At that point, they don’t really care who comes in with all the holes punched in the “kill 1000 pirates and get one free” card. Otherwise, one wouldn’t need to pay isk to redeem their “loyalty”.

Besides that, opening up trading to some level could really stimulate some new markets. And since LP rewards require an input, it would a really just increase its utility as an isk sink.

Hell, it wouldn’t be a hard to add in some more interesting mechanics that influence how it is traded and redeemed. Trading to other factions for reduced rates, taxes or access to certain parts of the store based on standings or secondary materials. Would likely need to be part of a larger NPC faction interaction revamp, but it would definitely open up some new areas for economic gameplay.

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