LP dust

Problem: Wallet is littered with 100-200 LP from a lot of different corporations. Cant seem to find a way to clean it up.

Potential solution: Drain LP by 10 per day during downtime. Drain LP by 100 per day during downtime for corporations.

This means if you are a corporation with more than 10 members and LP tax is 100% then you are saving LP over time. From a lore perspective it seems that if you are no longer running missions, the LP points should fade away anyway caus you are not considered loyal anymore then?

Another potential solution is to only be able to have LP with 1 corporation at the time. I mean how can i be loyal to 10 different corporations in the first place, lol. Thats not very loyal? Sorry im just ranting now. But would like to see my wallet a bit cleaner. Thats all. Have a nice day.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

There just needs to be a way to convert LP

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Oh yes, instead of making the game better, CCP should just do what the Westfahrn troll suggests and make the game so much worse simply because that Westfahrn is incovenienced by a few numbers.

Westfahrn has not heard of modern day loyalty programs like Payback points, Steam points, Expedia One Key, Star Alliance Miles and More, and so on. :joy:


but this is the wrong example … for example, on steam you pay for a game and gets for free the steam points. so you can say you pay for the steam points.

if you run a mission you offer a service and get payed in 2 different ways. You get the ISK to solve their problem and you get an amount X of their LP. BUT! @Wesfahrn its not that you need to be “loyal” to a corp that you run missions. You need to see this as a Mercenary Service ! now your reason is obsolete.

But i can agree, that the “last few” LP need to be gone that you can clear your “Wallet” but would just an unimportant QoL thing. only drain the LP per day is a horrible way to do it ! but you as troll didnt want a good way to do anything. Why not convert LP directly to ISK ? only for a realy bad convert rate so that makes it not worth to do it, just for cleaning. maybe 1 LP = 100 ISK.

Okay slowly draining LP might be too controversial. How about making 1 starbase charter cost 1 LP, this way a player can get rid of the remaining LP by just cashing out starbase charters. Then reducing the duration a starbase charter grants from 1 hour to 20 minutes, this way nothing fundamentally changes. Because at the moment 100 starbase charters is 500 LP, so by making 1 starbase charter cost 1 lp, you are reducing the price by a factor of 5 as far as i can tell and would need to reduce the amount of time they buy by a factor of 5 as well in order to not fundamentally break something which gives 20 minutes. But i could be wrong.

Converting LP directly to ISK feature ends up putting a hardcoded minimum value for LP which i think is undesirable for reasons that are primaly aesthetic for lack of a better term.

Taking a break from the game would now need hours and hours of work so as not to return to the game with less than you left?

you could spend the LP before taking a break if you have concerns it will impact you signicincantlylsk

But afaik most people earn 1000 isk per LP on average, so in worst circumstances you are losing 10k ISK worth of LP per day if this was implemented as is. So if you are gone for a month, you lost a whopping 300k isk worth of LP?

Hard nope



They could add an option to the existing dropdown to hide all balances below some amount people would generally consider significant (or provide some place to input that value for yourself.). You could then keep your LP and not have to look at the balances that were not significant enough to be worthy of consideration. Alternatively, they could provide a right click → trash it option for LP.

Either of these options would likely be more palatable to the general population than having all player LP balances decline over time to address some players being concerned over how concisely their character sheet LP totals are presented.

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This is a game after all and hiding balances would be boring :slight_smile: I like the more “dynamic” approach. But if its implemented it probably needs to be implemented with a buff of some kind since this is technically a nerf and could cause too much controversy if there is not a buff elsewhere. Its why i think something like this should be coupled with the Passive income idea from having a high security status but then also have security status slowly diminish over time as well. Yea these are controversial ideas but the dynamic nature is interesting imo makes the game that much more alive :)? Maybe not

Adding LP to the market would solve your issue.

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Stop staring at your wallet so much. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


There is nothing dynamic about your idea. There is only one choice: You either run missions/incursions continually to gain LP or you lose LP. And you would only lose LP because someone was bothered by a few hundred LP in his wallet in the past and lacked the character fortitude to just ignore them.


LP isn’t a measure of working with them for a long time frequently. It’s more of an “I did this for you, you owe me a favor” sort of thing like those markers from John Wick.

I wouldn’t mind more granular ways to cash out a tiny drop of LP though.


That’s literally my point, how did you not get that? I have to spend time playing the game for several hours so that I can leave it alone.

Now that there is a corporate ‘tax’ on LP. I’d like to be able to transfer LP directly to the corporation, or to another person (via contract if necessary).

Now look at this:

We are pleased to announce that players can donate LP to any player-owned corporation.

CCP fixed your problem already.


A shame I was too lazy to create a proper player suggestion thread for this, I’d have a contribution for this :smiley:

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The new update is an interesting step to take for LP. Someone should create a corp called LP Sink and then give a flat rate of maybe 500 isk per LP. Then put up a forum post where people can post reviews caus it will work on a trust basis. You send LP and the money is sent next time the accountant or CEO is online. Anyway. The UI is barebones, i wish they would have consulted someone before releasing it. A vital feature seems to be missing.

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