Why can't you still delete 0 lp npc corps from your wallet?

Must not happen automatically but PLEASE give us an option to do it by hand…Having 10 corps with 0 lp in the list just hanging there and nothing to do about it is simply silly…and annoying…

@Mike_Azariah can you bring this up and see if theres a way to fix this problem

The fix is easy, just add a where lp>0 in the sql query.

But that would remove that … thing’s salt so I don’t think it’s worth the energy.

A month later…

" Darn it. What were those corps I had the LP in ? Why doesn’t Eve store that information ’

More like, it creates an entry for the first time you gain LP (basically hollow matrix : player_corp × npc_corp) but when you request the LP the query lists all entries for that player_corp, regardless of the actual amount of LP stored.

It’s true that it’s pretty useless to show the corps for which you gained LP but have zero, but at the same time no sane adult would actually care. Especially since you can sort your wallet by remaining LP.

IMO the real issue is that it counts those 0-LP entries as a corporation in the count
Here it says 23 but I have zero corporation LP :

I agree with you, ive more than 10 with 0 LP

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