Faction Warfare LP - where is it?

Stupid question, but last night i did FW for the first time and helped secure a battlefield in Vard. I got this evemail: In recognition of your effort to capture an enemy site in Vard, Tribal Liberation Force grants you 88,234 loyalty points.

So i flew to a Tribal Liberation station, but my LP is still at 0? Where do i find my “hard earned” LP?

I probably shouldn’t be saying anything because i have never participated in facwar, so idk, but try checking you redeem queue?

Offtopic: queue is an interesting word, and it is really annoying to spell

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Isnt there an LP wallet? Look in that under your wallet

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Thanks for the responses!

Just in case anyone in the future is looking for this answer, i finally submitted a help ticket. Per GM Rex:

“After looking into this your corporation tax is set to 100% in FW LP that is why its not in your wallet, the tax would need to fixed to avoid this from happenning.”

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Ouch. So basically all your hard work goes to your corp. I would suggest either find a new corp or enlist as an individual.


Perhaps he’s the CEO :wink:

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Yeah, its just my solo corp. I just set it up that way to consolidate my isk.

Thanks for the tips though!. I aprreciate the help.

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