Last night in FW

Had a guy from the Gallente FW show up in the last few seconds of my complex completing. In an Atron. I thought nothing of it since he’s an ally, but I was a little miffed when they got an even split of the LP. Seriously he got there with like 7 seconds to go.

Anyway I’m cruising around after the site is done picking up tags and my new friend flies up real close and cuddly - then opens fire! What an asshole! :rofl:

I won the surprise 1v1. Podded the bastard. I lost standings with the Federation Navy. Is this fairly normal in FW? AWOX and what not, stealing LP (second part I guess I’m more or less okay with I just thought I had finally found a friend lol)

Anyway that’s it I wanted to tell my story. Thanks for reading it.

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When I was in the Amarr militia AWOXing was pretty routine from one certain group. However, as an overall practice I don’t think it’s very common.

I had no idea about the lp split for such a short amount of time though, that really sucks.

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Yeah! It cost me like 12,500 LP by my estimation. And then lose Gallente/Fed Navy standings for dealing with him

This is EvE.

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