Combating multiboxing awoxers in relation to faction standings [FW]

I normally don’t complain on mechanics but an incident occurred tonight that I think needs to be addressed with FW. There is a multiboxer who runs 30+ accounts in the battlefield because it pays out enough LP for 30 people. He has 30+ accounts on Caldari and another 30+ for Gallente I don’t know about the other militias I don’t fight there. Long story short unprovoked I got blown up by his 30ish “friendly” caldari militia tristans right before it ended. Exequror Navy Issue | Bonescriptian Khurelem | Killmail | zKillboard

I could mark this all this guys 30+ accounts red all day but If I was to shoot each account I get -.162 Caldari standings per account and I have to shoot 30 plus of them which is -.162x30(accounts) which adds up to -4.86 Caldari standings. When he just gets the single -.162 for shooting me per account. I’d rather not have to destroy my Caldari standings just to defend myself or hunt him down in one fight.

I believe this was because of multiple incidents like this Crucifier | cruci2 | Killmail | zKillboard where my corporation blew up his 30+ Gallente accounts on the other side. So, he’s using the awxoing and reputation system to get back at us. Also, I know there is a limited engagement timer but this guy never engages me when I’m leading a fleet in the battlefields that can contest his 30+ accounts, go figure. Even then the standings hit for each of my corporation members would be atrocious. So, I can’t really do anything about it other then bring in multiple neutral alts?

I just want a change to the system that will allow me to be able get a fleet together to hunt him down without tanking my Caldari standings negative because he shot first.

I’m sorry for the grammar issue. I’ve struggled with it for years. Also, I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but this is a complaint I and many others have had for a while.

Create some non FW alts, sit them in smartbomb Praxii and nail him as he comes out of warp at the site?

I’d also suggest checking to see if he’s using Input Broadcasting.
Do all his accounts take the gate at the same time? (Is there an acceleration gate into these sites? Idk) Do they all launch their drones on the same server tick?
If so, get video evidence and send to ccp.

Minmil will sit in the BF with neutral ships and smartbomb frigates to death at the warpin points, which completely solved this problem whenever they are the ones running the BF.

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