Please do something about awoxing in FW

So first to put a bit of context I am flying on Amarr side of the FW. I also wanna preface this by saying that I am not against the possibility of awoxing people as this is a sandbox game what I wanna change is the consequence of such actions which in my senses is clearly not punishing enough those players:

A corporation named “White Night Dragon Ride” (White Night Dragon Ride | Corporation | zKillboard) is especially famous for doing it and has been doing so for quite a long time. They have some specialised characters who will do the awoxing and loose a lot of standings but they wont be kicked out of the FW because the others alts in the corporation have a positive standings: This is not normal.

While I understand that the idea that was behind this mechanic was to permit players who had bad standings to enroll in a militia this has clearly shown some loopholes that have been negatively exploited.

So here is what I propose to change this:

  • When a character who is below -5 standings with enrolled faction is awoxing it should remove enlisting of the whole corporation into Amarr and they will need to reenlist in 24h. This solution would deter people from awoxing as it would interrupt their plexing.

Are you serious?

Did you just start playing Eve Online last week?

LOL! :joy:

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This is 100% Eve Online functioning normally.

Eh, there’s an extremely good case to be made that having negative personal standing to the militia shouldn’t be rendered irrelevant by your corp’s standing.

I honestly cannot think of a single good argument for, “That guy is -10 to us but we let him stay in the militia because his corp standing is barely positive.”

You re not making any other arguments other that “you are wrong and i am right”.

Yea even from a lore standpoint it doesn’t make any sense

Perhaps if the pirates stop AWOXING and actually band together they could change the face of New Eden?

Why are pirates such a fringe group and the empires are MASSIVE? Well, it’s because they keep attacking each other while barely keeping the peace within their own group. :joy: :joy:

Noone to blame but yourselves.

quoting myself from the last thread

maybe NPC corp standings towards player corps could have the math weighted so pilots with a higher “activity” metric have a bigger impact on the corp standings than those with a lower activity metric. (Take your pick - kills, FW kills, FW lowsec deaths, hours logged in, packets sent)

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Seems overly complicated.

Especially now that we have individual enlistment, I see no reason why forcible individual de-enlistment based on personal standings shouldn’t exist.

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Since you aren’t against it, there is no need for a change. Learn to make some friends and you won’t have this problem.

I am not even talking about pirates here tho?

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I am not against it but I think some limit should be established. Like the time when people used to tank HS Concord response and destroyed it in High sec killing all the people passing by. Was it allowed by the game? Yes. Was it and exploit that was then banned by CPP? Absolutely.

Sure, but that means CCP is wrong and it’s not an exploit.

So you think CCP is also wrong about their recent stance towards Pirates LP gained in an usual way too? When you create a game there is sometime some mechanics that are used in an unintended way that you didn’t expect nor don’t want that’s why they are correcting it.

And sorry but no if CCP make a decision about the game no matter what it is they are right about it. You may not like it and stop the game but it is their vision of the game and so the rightful one.

Pirates aren’t miners, so they don’t need any LP.

Nope. Objective universal truth transcends any petty corporate decision.

What an egoistical position : “My opinion is better than them because i decided so”

My position is not better because I said so, but rather because it is inherently better in the first place. Objective truth is reality, and that’s a fact.

Truth is not up for debate.

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