FW multiple kills Awoxers should be booted from relevant faction

I think it would make sense that, after a series of demotions, a FW player get booted from his faction and come back to original NPC corp.

There is at least one player with 2 alts in Minm/Amarr zone which keep engaging his own “FW corp mates”. This is Eve, I don’t want to say this shouldn’t be allowed, but it would be nice if after a few times such a bum blackhole would not show up in my militia “friendly” pilots list. So he would not be allowed to farm LP with one hand and his own corp mates wrecks with the other.

Please let me know what you think.


Set the guy ‘red’ in your personal standings. Shoot him on sight. Tell others about him and have them set him red as well. You do have some “communication channels” or “command structure” in your militia, yes?


i agree with Syzygium, this is a sanbox, it is better if we (players) find soluces, rather than hoping for “deus-ex-machina” new mechanisms. You can communicate about this guy, set him red etc


awoxers keep cheesing everything

I have one solution, in case of awoxing put a timer on their entire corp for 24 hours, let all be shot, even the alts outside FW should be shot too!!! Force their CEOs to kick them out or we will kill their entire corp

if they wanna behave like pirates, they should be treated as such

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Yes. They should definitely be kicked.

Revenge porn is bad for your brain, but at least you’ll feel better for a few seconds.

But then you’ll log back into the game and realize that this “AWOXer” is getting more ISK/hr, more kills/hr, and more fun/hr than you.

He wins, you lose.

You take standings loss for that. Not a great solution.


agree, if you shoot a friendly you should be criminal for the next 24-48 hours and not incur standings penalties for being aggressed by friendlies.

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Doesn’t your standing rise for each successful site anyway? I somehow doubt that this one guy crosses your path ten times a day, especially once you begin blasting him out of his ship immediately. He will probably notice your behavior and look for other targets instead. Or he intentionally uses counterfits to your ship, in which case your only option is to warp off as soon as he comes close anyway.

If the standing is of so much value to you that you can’t afford any hits, even to save yourself from a traitor, then by all means just yellowbox him once he comes on grid, pre-overheat and bring yourself into your best fighting distance. Immediately shoot once he goes red.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it sucks that you have to deal with those kind of traitors in your milita, but don’t forget that ‘wearing your enemies uniform’ was a widely used combat tactic at all times. After all it’s LowSec and anyone you didn’t specifically invite to fly with you (or someone you trust because you have already established long-term relations to him) should be treated as a possible threat. Keep your distance, make yourself ready for a fight, let him know that you are aware of what he might do. Most of the time thats already enough to make him look for another target.

It’s Eve so it’s okay that they can fire on you, but there’s not a good way to defend yourself because it’s easy for the opponent to have a perfect counter for your ship and get to their ideal engagement range etc. They may not even show up on your overview.

If you fire first, you lose faction standing. So in Calimil, if I shoot someone in the militia, I lose standing with Caldari state as well.

You do not gain Caldari state standings for FW activity, so it can be significant.

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This is an incorrect reaction. Because the player defending themselves will lose standings and eventually be kicked from Militia for defending themselves or otherwise barred from High Security space of their faction. AWOXERS either use expendable characters or anchored characters.

This is not a player operated system, it is a mechanical system put in place by CCP that creates the issue in someone defending themselves.


Players gain Minimal Corporate (Militia) standing after each site. Upon promotion they receive ONE TIME faction standings. When a player engages another player of the same Militia, they lose massive amounts of FACTION and Militia Standings.

The only way to get the faction standing back after hitting max rate would be through epic arcs or endless missioning. You clearly do not understand the system you are attempting to weigh in on and should not consider this at the same level as a Nullsec to Nullsec awoxer.

The issue is that the defending party will always be penalized to defend themselves from someone who is AWOXing them within the Militia. While the player AWOXING is not penalized as they have already anchored their character standings to a corporation to circumvent being kicked due to low standings.


Maybe Report them in ingame channels and any main discord.

Angel FW one discord has a wall fo shame for this. And now on operational area 2…some are so bad you jsut know to warp the hell out. Its going to be the 50/50 coin toss that ends badly. Or drop them if feeling frisky and solo.