Awoxing in FW

The Angel Faction currently has a massive problem with parts of FRT using in corp but out of faction alts and even in faction alts to kill members of their own faction so that they can ‘own’ the LP from that faction.

I get that CCP don’t want to police everything but this imo is an exploit. At the very least the punishment for corps should be higher to ban anyone in that corp from joining said faction and using in corp but out of faction alts to kill other faction members should be an exploit!!!



It’s been a problem in FW for a while. Hopefully with Equinox, most of the nullbros go back to null and we will have less farmers.


If it’s FRT, they are likely doing it all with bots too.


CCP’s track record with these sort of things is to either do nothing, or tone down the mechanic to the point where it’s not profitable for anybody to do it (aka how the old FW system was turned into the largely stagnant one prior to the pirate invasions).

Their official response is going to be “just bring more people” to include additional accounts/multi-boxing and more people in general. It would be helpful if neutrals and empire militia were more aggressively attacked by the roaming incursion pirate fleets, to make playing both sides at the same time harder. Perhaps some omega/alpha restrictions on logging in characters in militias that are hostile with each other? In any case, the balance around players or coordinated groups playing both sides to monopolize the system is a challenging thing to avoid, while still being profitable for doing things the intended way.

As usual, always make sure to report bots and suspected bots – the new UI made it take 3x as many clicks as previously, but it is always worth the effort and makes the game better for EVERYBODY.

There should be a bot report reward program for the quantity you can keep above some sort of project discovery escque % of correct bot per report ratio, but that is a separate topic.


Same ■■■■ here.

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kills ppls from the same corp and alliance in Gurista FW.