LP Farmers

I am sure I will get some flak for this but the LP Farmers that use 10+ characters to warp into an insurgency plex in the last 3 minutes is getting absolutely insane. It tanks the the LP you get for doing all the work and they get the exact amount they would get if it was solo, if not more, without any work.

I never use to think this but I feel the only solution at this point is to limit each computer to having 3 omega accounts open at once and/or deem this to be an exploit. It directly harms the FW community by abusing the fact that some people can’t afford to have multiple accounts. I can barely afford to get 3 accounts open and you can’t combat them without tanking standings and likely just dying to blobs of drones.

If anyone else has a solution that would be great but quite frankly that is the only thing I can think of. They always blob the new content till the kill it for everyone involved and it’s frankly getting really old, really fast.

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Don’t compete with LP farmers then? Kill them (joining opposing faction)?

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I don’t want to be in min/amar faction warfare…

If not, what are you complaining about? You have the tools available to combat them. Use them. Alternatively, get in touch with active groups in the opposing side and give them warp ins or data on these multiboxers so that they can warp in to get them.

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So I have to be an Awoxer to combat what otherwise it seems you agree with be an issue. THE ONLY solution to this is me greifing them… That’s a pretty piss poor option. I would rather a real solution. How about a real solution?

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If you don’t want solutions to a problem, then don’t ask for it.

Besides, since when is blowing up a pixilated spaceship “griefing?”

Sounds to me, you want to play the victim role, and have daddy CCP solve the problem for you, because God forbid you actually strap on some guns and pvp these blowhards and take care of the problem yourself.

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“taking care of the problem myself” requires either I join min/amar fw, which I don’t want and believe to be unfair, tank standings for angels, and/or awox them. Those are not solutions to a problem that shouldn’t exist. If you look at my Zkill, I am not opposed to PvP. In fact the blolbs actively hurt PvP because the war targets don’t want to come into the sites. So yet another issue to “my problem that I don’t want to strap on some guns for”. I love PvP and wish for more of it. I want to be a part of angels but doing the sites is getting so frustrating because either I have to share the sites with hordes of mutliboxers. So yeah the solutions offered are not good solutions. Killing someone is not greifing, AWOXING is…

This is EvE. So I’m not buying that.

But hey, if you want to keep being the victim, don’t let me stop you.

But you do have options available if/when you finally get fed up with it.

This has come up a few times in the last week or so.

Bruh, you literally have no idea what you are talking about. I’m supposed to turn spy or swap sides to stop people from doing ■■■■ that should just be against the TOS? Like I ain’t arguing for stop ganking here. Besides these multiboxers show up with less than 3 minutes to spar on the clock. I’m supposed to either tank standings or swap sides? Like imagine if you were a apart of panfam and the goons started to be too easy and y’all outnumber them so you had no content. Your supposed to swap sides? No. I want to be apart of ANGELS. Plain and simple. I do not want to be apart of state run tyrany corps. So swapping is not an option. I can’t spy for the other side because they show with so little time anyway and they would blap me too. I’m supposed to feed my isk to stop it? Not a solution. This is becoming an issue because they actively steal LP and there is nothing I can do about it other than give up on being an Angels. That is NOT a solution. They are abusing the system by actively tanking the amount of LP others get and increasing the percentage of LP they get. I would consider this an exploit. And it needs to be fixed in someone besides forcing people to do what they don’t want to do.

I would gladly shoot them if the game systems didn’t actively hurt me for doing so…

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Yes. You’re finally catching on.

This is the reason why so many alts exist. Spai is a thing in EvE. Use it to your advantage. Or you could just keep splitting your hard work with freeloaders.

It’s not.

Nor is it against the EULA.

So. Yes, I do know what I’m talking about.

It’s how a couple of other former corp members ran a competing miner group out of nakugard. Couldn’t have them mining our ore and decreasing the value of our labor, now could we?

Slipped in some alts, got their schedule for mining ops, and lo and behold, gankers would show up and blap them.

We had a problem. We found a solution. And it was done all in game. No crying to daddy CCP.

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Seems they are angels. This week amarr has not really been out when I played. Or select very specific areas. They cared more about some ice field when on last night than the system we were in last night. the gulls did come out there a bit.

Min mil? Its a question of whether crews like Fl33t feels like being low sec fw or going to pop (0.0) structures for whatever reason. Now I also hear in reddit proganda threads they do awox min mil sea gulls aggressively.

the catch is you hope as a non sea gull and actual player they scan you down before they awox you too. One or 2 other min mil crews are not 100% buddy buddy with them it seems.

also last weekend I don’t know where min mil as a whole were at. I saw more snuffed out than actual empire FW in several systems my time zone plays. Snuffed I am sure dropped a few sea gulls. And regular players too lol.

You are not an awoxer if you remove unfair (subjectively perceived as such) competition.

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Yes and no.

The secret trick is to join an actual pc corp in fw.

If in the basic NPC start corp too many awox’s you get kicked in time because of standings issues.

Actual pc corps don’t have autokick from FW on the standings drop.

Its created problems. all the 0.0 blobbers carry over their crap to fw with pirates open enlistment. Its not awox if goons kills a 0.0 wt. But you’d maybe not want to stay around to see them resolve their 0.0 issues.

Some like frat 1st week were awoxing to lp farm hard to the point militia chat was advising just fly the hell away. It was more a chance of when, not if, they’d team kill.

Allowing gamers to create and log on unlimited alts in any game is bad, so yeah, the number of alts owned by a player logged on at any one time should be strictly limited especially in events such as these.

Surely it shouldn’t be too difficult for CCP to control them?

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Someone’s always trying to skate uphill in this game…

I would imagine not considering that they already can tell if you log in with more than one alpha account.

In wow we have a saying, bots are paid subs too! lol.

If a billion dollar giant with some number of millions of subs (they don’t give numbers, and despite many wow is dying thrads over the years…yeah, its got numbers) needs that money all the same, imagine how a smaller fish like CCP would need the money.

Or plex angles. this stuff ahs to exist so people buy plex to sell to buyers. SOme includung the many client sea gulls and such.

Sucks but no clear solution here. Performance? Ship depending you can be there a while and not be high on damage meters. Some like me don’t leech. Its more By the time I get lock I see the npc 50% armour. Maybe…I get one salvo of arty fire in from my wolves or Thrash republic issue.

Wolf doesn’t give lots of room for sebo however. Sebo or point/scram…pick one. I could not fly it but…I want to. Thrasher FI same thing. I run MSE tank with point and prop mid. Mining ops when not zerged you will get tagged lol. and they tackle.

2 other npc’s same thing lol.

Time on site? I’ve been in smaller coordinate crews we’ve been social. Its slow, no wt’s near by. You 2 peel off and take the small. we take this medium. We call out timers in fleet. Dude. 1 minute left on this…fly on up, claim it and then we hammer the small then on to next new site.

Basically a 4 man team looking to push the system…and an aggreed to lp split. we all get paid and we all further our factions plans better. Win win. Then some 8 boxer has to come and wreck this sometimes. Sigh…