Make plexes in fw only capturable by Omega

and also increase rewards for kills. You stop the afk farming, the fliping exploits and promote meaningful battles.

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You get plex for being in FW, I need to check it out!

I bet that making FW p2w would fix any of those issues.

I know where that is coming from. The underlaying issue is CCP promoting this kind of “gamestyle” in the first place by catering to a risk averse playerbase that can’t handle anything they can’t min/max with fixed values.

I dont think that Omega only FW is the solution to the problems, people like us, that enjoy FW face.

Instead let me offer the following :

  • FW Plex Rats tackle // they are already nice bullet sponges, now they scram and web.
  • Reduce the Gate Activation Range to 20km instead of 100km.
  • IHUB Cooldown Timer // After completly flipping a System, it takes 24h for new Plex and (if present) FW missions to spawn / be obtainable. … Call it Troop Deployment Time or something, while the new owner of the System gets set up.
  • Better IHUB Upgrades // IHUB Upgrades can now offer nice buffs like extra or stronger FW NPCs in Plexes.

How do you know they are alpha clones? Did you ask them?
Also, if they are alpha clones and you are omega, with all of its advantages, why can’t you kill them?
I fail to see how asking CCP to break more stuff and as a result remove a whole slice of the population as a potential target could possibly benefit anyone.
Here’s a question for you: am I an alpha clone? If you answer that, and get it right, you are simply guessing because you cannot possibly know. It’s a fifty fifty shot, good luck.
Now, assuming I am an alpha clone and I’m running these sites why can’t you kill me? The very idea that an omega clone can’t kill an afk alpha clone is rather embarrassing don’t you think? I mean please, what advantage have they got that you can’t overcome?
What you are digesting is eliminating a whole slice of the population from not just making a living, but also perhaps from even plexing their accounts to become as glorious and shiny as you.
I’m going to guess here that if you can’t stop them as alpha clones you must be seriously frightened of what they will be able to do as omega.
Please clear this up for me, I really don’t understand your problem at all.

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Not the same thing. There’s PLEX (license,) and there is this:
Factional Warfare Complexes, commonly known as “Plexes” (not to be confused with PLEX) are small areas of deadspace in war zone star systems.

Sigh. I am taking the bait just for the sake of keeping this thread alive.

Unfit T1 ships, Less than a week old characters. Clearly farming.
Everything points towards an Alpha Farmer account. Case Closed.

See above. Case Closed.

The Argument OP is making is not about you. Nothing is about you in particular. Cased Closed.

See above. Case Closed.

Scripts i.e. botting and simply warping out before you can land tackle. I would assume you have never done FW otherwise you would understand how heavily the odds are stacked in favor of the PLEX-Defender. Case Closed.

You know what. I support elitism and gatekeeping. Normies get out.
Case Closed.

You don’t seem to understand much to start with. But as stated. 99% chance of troll.
case once again. Closed.

Lets keep bumping this thread because FW needs love.


So whats your problem, the site is all yours.

Close cased.

Are you running RMT ? You seem very active in every thread involving botting.


Do I really? Can you show me because I wasnt aware I went anywhere outside of GD, C&P, Info Channel and this short trip here

And why the double quote?

Oh and while you are at it, in what way did what I say support botting?

Have you tried reporting these bots you see?

I didnt say it was?

But again, can you back up your statement or are you just blindly accusing people when they present a point you cannot refute?

Ignore luwc, he’s one of the reasons I will never be in another player corporation again. The first and only one I was in contained him and a couple of others of his ilk who don’t bear mentioning.
I will leave it at that, other than to say that the rest of the corporation was really good people for the most part.

Anyhow I have and am in faction warfare, I made an alt for that exact thing in an effort to learn PvP and to make all of highsec more challenging. It’s also how I got into trying out other stuff like industry though I had really bad timing with that as I started doing it just as scarcity and industry changes got shoved down the pipe. I haven’t gotten far with PvP, but I know a lot more about faction warfare than I did, and it does have some problems in my opinion. First off it seems to me that like a lot of stuff CCP does it’s absurdly complicated, you never actually change anything, it’s the same set of systems for ever each with a progress bar and no real impact on the space around them. The process of changing a system consists mostly of sitting in one place doing nothing for a long time while ocasionaly getting in a fight (in my case with very large numbers of other people) though I found the fights to be rare. I made enough to get a couple of nice sets of skill training implants and figured that was enough, it’s almost as boring as mining, just a lot less people doing it. I never once saw farmers, no one ever ran away from me (I wouldn’t either, but I attack Lokies in Breachers to find out what will happen, so who knows) and I didn’t see anything at all bot like though I wouldn’t know what to look for.
I did meet a fair number of (alpha) people in the militia chat thingy who were very nice, really enthusiastic, and generally good fun to be around, faction warfare is how they make a living in Eve and I wouldn’t want them to go away. Even if there are alpha clones farming in some part of space they have no impact on me, (other than maybe blowing me up) or anything negative in what I’ve seen in this process. The alpha clones I have seen so far have been perfectly fine as other players go, and some I even call friends.

Anyhow faction warfare is pretty neat in some ways, but seems to need some sort of a goal. I’m not leaving it or removing my corp from it even to be in an alliance I would like to be part of. Besides, they don’t like my PvP record which is stunningly bad.
Someday I will get better at this stuff and maybe understand all the convoluted rules and hoops you have to jump through, untill then I will continue to make and destroy ships one after another. Maybe then I will revert to being an alpha clone and see if I can plex my account with this stuff, that would be an accomplishment I think.

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I think what he was trying to point out with Alphas is the massive amount of bots that currently run the plexes. It is really annoying to have to try to out plex bots as they don’t need sleep. How do I know they are bots? Because every now and then I got a dozen or so emails from CCP thanking me for reporting them.


That’s a pretty good reason, but how do you spot them in the first place?

The current brand of FW bot is a fitted Coercer fit like this:
Extruded Compact Heat Sink
Extruded Compact Heat Sink
Extruded Compact Heat Sink

Eutectic Compact Cap Recharger

Small Focused Beam Laser I,Multifrequency S
Small Focused Beam Laser I,Multifrequency S
Small Focused Beam Laser I,Multifrequency S
Small Focused Beam Laser I,Multifrequency S
Small Focused Beam Laser I,Multifrequency S
Small Focused Beam Laser I,Multifrequency S
Small Focused Beam Laser I,Multifrequency S
Small Focused Beam Laser I,Multifrequency S

Small Capacitor Control Circuit I
Small Capacitor Control Circuit I
Small Processor Overclocking Unit I

The character name will be one of the generic ones that you can get. And if you check their killboard, you will see them losing them all hours of the day and while getting on no kills. So they either are bots or are players who need to reevaluate their life choices. So far, all of the ones that i have seen have been named “Coercer”, so typically when you see a Coercer on Dscan and it’s named “Coercer”, it’s a bot. Whenever you warp to the plex they are in, they will immediately warp out to a gate at 0. If you leave them alone, they will go back to the plex accel gate. If you continue to bother them, they will eventually leave system. However, if you manage to point them, they will never return fire and won’t even lock you up or move. They just sit there with zero velocity.

If you have anymore questions about these feel free to ask.


Seems a better way to deal with them.

Good on ya m8

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I have asked this over and over about other types of bots, mainly mining ones. You are not only the first person to give me a solid idea of what to look for but also provided a complete rundown of what they fly and how they behave.
This is really fantastic, thank you.

Having asked about this and only getting vague replies was starting to lead me to believe that people were blaming their own inability to do stuff on bots.
“There’s not enough ore, it’s gotta be bots” doesn’t cut it for me, and the same goes for nullsec ratters.

This makes me wonder how much tank I need to survive the gate guns in faction warfare systems… But I just realized the gate guns won’t care, this is faction warfare.

Spitfire, you just made my day, thank you. Very much!


You’re welcome! I love Faction Warfare and have spent a while trying to combat the bots. Unfortunately, other than reporting them there is very little I can do about them.


Faction warfare fix is simple. Reduce gate activation back to 10km and once inside u can’t warp out within 30 km unless in pod. So which means u have to fight to capture the plex

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Not really, because you will then get caught on the outside of the gate and killed by larger ships OR blobbed on the inside. The true fix is for CCP to be faster with banning bots. If CCP can make those bots less profitable, there will be fewer of them. If there are fewer bots, there is less LP. Less LP means that your LP is more valuable. More valuable LP means more real players come to fight to make money.

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