Final major FW adjustments

The FW grift needs to be fixed? I just joined on a brand new toon and making like 50 million an hour with little effort and risk. Thats almost 1 Alpha injector per hour. on a new toon.

Why not make the NPC warp in around the edges? it will look cooler but also means you cant camp the center with low range high dps. Why not have more than 1 warp in? maybe 2-3. Make the arena larger, so that with more people you spread out and can actually capture it faster.

But most importantly why is the reward in LP that is instantly deposited to my wallet where its safe and sound? I cannot lose it, even if i stay and farm other plexes. Imo the reward should be akin to an “Overseers belongings” that need to be taken somewhere in order to profit.

Another thing that grinds my gears is the travel in order to get to the battle grounds. I want to PVP, each fight is barely a minute, and then you have to spend 10-20 minutes to get a new ship and come back. Its boring. So i suggest that FW only express routes to low sec from major market hubs are put up. This way i can get back into the fight almost immediately after losing a ship. Have a nice day.

(After playing some more FW i realised there seems to be a flaw in the way complexes are currently set up)
(At the moment the incentive is for factions to stay in separate systems)
(Example: Defending gives less LP than capturing)
(This means members of each faction mostly stick to offensive plexing which means most people wont bother defending which means there is less pvp)

And if there is more LP for defending then by your logic everyone will stay defending and there will be less pvp.

Those who wants pvp can find it in FW easily, those who want to farm plexes for ISK and LP will do that no matter what and will avoid fights all the times.


First of all i dont think you are actively doing FW. But that doesent disqualify you from having an opinion on the matter.

Second of all noone suggested to give more LP for depending than capturing, you completely missed the point

Last but not least people who farm plexes avoid each other naturally because capturing gives more than defending. So people who farm plexes will usually never defend, and thus they will usually never run into people from the other faction who also farming plexes. The result is less PVP. Do you understand?

If i understand it correctly the argument Mr. Volkan is trying to make is like saying “Why bother, someone else is just going to steal anyway” when someone says call the police when something has just been stolen.

No his point is:

  • you earn X LP for defending a plex
  • you earn Y LP for attacking a plex
  • no matter if X < Y or X > Y or X = Y, people who farm LP will still spread out amongst the plexes and not fight each other.

It’s a mentality problem („farming LP“) not a numbers balance problem.


I disagree. And i feel like im pointing out the obvious which sucks. But one last time: When capturing gives more than defending then you are going to have less pvp caus both factions are just mostly going to be capturing.

For people who may not know; Whether you are defending or capturing a complex depends on the status of the system. So if for example in Old Man Star (Currently Gallente controlled) there is a SMALL-NVY1 plex, if gallente warp to it and stay for 10 mins they only get a fraction of the LP that Caldari would get if they warped to it and stayed for 10 mins. Why is that? Obviously it leads to less PVP

But dont worry about it. I understand that EVE online destiny is unchangeable. It will continue to have small and some big flaws that wont get fixed from now until players stop playing it or they cant afford to run the servers anymore. Its sad but what can you do.

Ok, what’s the optimal LP payout of a Small Navy 1 when captured offensively or defensively? Or the ratio of it?

And how does that specific number change someone’s mind from thinking „hm where is an empty site I can farm? No sites? I’ll go elsewhere!“ to instead be „hm where is an empty site I can farm? No sites? Well the LP number is this magic value, now I want to shoot whoever is inside!“

If you don’t give a specific number then it must not exist and your disagreement is not consistent with your beliefs. Because again: the lack of PvP is a mentality problem of the farmers, not a numbers problem.


If you want fights, bring a ship that seems underpowered for the engagement (granted it doesn’t look like finding fights is an issue for you.) And don’t fly ships that have a reputation for being fleet tackle (ie: punisher.)

Other than that, grab some people and contest battlefields when the other faction is doing it.


You just dont get it. Its ok :slight_smile: Maybe devs will. Or maybe i just make my own game and take all EVE players

So, no magical number then?


Just to show you that fw isn’t hurting for pvp:

Amarr KB
Minmatar KB
Caldari KB
Gallente KB

They are very active and there was a marked increase in pvp with the changes that were made during the Uprising expansion.

Your own personal experience is going to suffer because you’re new. If a frigate sees a destroyer, the normal thing to do would be to run, if a farmer sees anyone (doesn’t matter if they’re oplexing or dplexing) they’ll run.

I know fw isn’t perfect, and I have my own, more involved ways to try to make it better, but moving the numbers around on the lp rewards isn’t going to help, especially since dplexing doesn’t require players to have weapons equipped. You’ll just get more runners doing what you propose.

That said, the second paragraph from your op isn’t terrible. Have multiple warp ins (via multiple gates at the initial beacon,) and multiple flags to capture like the battlefields do. This would be most useful for the Navy / Adv -5 and larger sites, but multiple flags to fight over would probably cause issues for the sites designed for 1 person.

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Stop dropping this ■■■■ on me. I cannot stand people who go and find some sort of statistic to prove how a common sense critique is wrong.

If you cannot see how a complex should give equal reward regardless of which faction is in it, i have no more to discuss with you.

Maybe it’s not very common sense. You didn’t even read the post before you responded.

Just let me ask you, if Complex A gives person A 10M ISK worth of loot, and Person B 5M ISK worth of loot, and Complex B gives person A 5M but person B 10M where would you expect Person A and B to go?

Obviously the farmers are going to go where the rewards are. But people who are looking for pvp will go where the farmers are. A hunter’s goal isn’t lp, but to fight.

I do agree that head to head gameplay is good, which is why I appreciate the battlefields, but I don’t see a reason to change the lp payouts of the current plex sites.

That said, I would appreciate more active game play. I’ve advocated in the past to make use of marines to capture the plexes, and CCP would do a reskin of the hacking minigame (or make a new one) for the actual capture mechanic.


Finally an answer.

So if Complex A always gives equal rewards as Complex B, and Person A and Person B are farmers on opposite sides, you truly believe that magically Person A and B will always go to the same Complex A or B to PvP instead?

Your magical ratio is 1:1. Really?


I literally just gave you a reason why

They will be more incentivized to go for the same systems thus the chance of encountering enemy faction increases. Right now farmers are going for opposite systems because the base pay is never the same for both factions in the same system and in most cases the difference is huge. Ideally the same systems would give the highest base pay for both factions so that both factions will gravitate toward them?

Maybe there is a good reason for why things are not this way.