Final major FW adjustments

No they wont. Farmers (in general) aren’t there for pvp, they’re there for making money.

Furthermore, dplexing is easier than oplexing, because you don’t need to kill the rats. So people will then be incentivized to run a cheap frigate with no modules. How do I know this? Because this is the behavior players exhibited before Uprising.

dpelxing doesnt have to be easier. I mean they could have made dplexing and oplexing the same challenge. But instead i feel like they made this complicated system because they felt they had give dplexing less pay because “its easier” but it doesent have to be easier. Besides its not that much easier. The petty NPC that spawns and attack you when oplexig is trivially dealt with anyway. But thats besides the point.

So what? Are you suggesting all the sites should be the same? With an npc of each faction in it?

Perhaps an indication you don’t think before responding.

…you do realize there’s more than one system in faction warfare. Do you? If every Plex is equal in value the farmers just scatter about across all systems like they do today.

If one system gets a 2x bonus they don’t bother because the PvPers will go there and they’re happy with their stable and unmolested income stream. They don’t need 2x when 1x is enough. How are we so sure? Because that’s how it’s been for months in rearguard systems up until a week ago when their payouts went from 0.5 to 0.01.

I think that evidence suggests i think more about this game than most on the forum? There could be other reasons to edit. Besides you are just trying to derail the thread now because i am right. Right? Stop that. If you have nothing constructive to say say no more

Literally ignoring my post. :rofl:

Literally edited the post as I responded. :roll_eyes:


You are adding nothing constructive at this point

Balls in your court mate, you have yet to address the following:

You still dont get it. I have explained so a 5 year old can understand that if you give faction A more pay to be in System A than Faction B then you are mostly going to have faction A in that system. Why is that so hard to undestand?

So you want them to be equal?

Please feel free to re-read starting here and see if you can catch up to the conversation instead of repeating yourself and making clear to everyone that you don’t understand anyone else’s viewpoint:

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They may go to the same systems, and plex separately, but they may also try to push each other of the complexes. Who says they wont? I mean if you pay Faction A more than Faction B for plexing in System A then you are going to see Faction A plexing more in that system than Faction B. Can you agree with that? And if so do you think that is desirable?

Nothing is stopping people from doing that currently. Farmers wont though, because they’re looking to make money, not risk dying.

How do you know?

The farmers themselves! You can lead a horse to water but you can’t force it to drink.

How do you think farmers operate? They stick to systems with only friendlies? That is not going to work if you warp out every time you see a hostile in local. A farmer have to stay in the complex until trouble actually arives on the doorstep otherwise you are losing money because you wlil be warping all the time for nothing? Most farmers will probably warp out when they sense trouble on the doorstep but only if they think they can do better next door or something. They are free to do so. But thats not an argument against what i have said

How do you think farmers operate?

At the moment they look at the map and find a Frontline system of the opposing faction. Guess what they will find there? Plexes that noone is bothering to defend because it doesent pay the same. Its literally a loot Piñata.

And what happens when someone looking for PvP shows up?

Because this is the behavior they already exhibit. Farmers were farming rearguard systems despite the .5 reward.

If you want more pvp and have that pvp rewarded with lp… then more battlefield style mechanics should be introduced. Sites that pay out a lot of lp, are relatively involved in terms of mechanics, and don’t occur frequently.

If players can easily farm lp without risking fighting, because the sites are spread out all over the place, the players will take those options. This is what the frontline system was designed to mitigate, to force the highest payout into a limited amount of systems.

So let them. If they think its worth it. This is not an argument against what i have said tho.