CCP Please hot fix fw quickly before its too late

Let’s say you are a solo pilot you run 3 offensive plex in an hour that’s 30 000 x 3 = 90k lp/h (with some pvp inbetween)

Now if you have 4 alt’s and each char goes into the Medium navy-5 and runs the timer down then just before each site pops you warp all 5 chars into the same plex and get 5x the reward and you do this for all 5 plex’s all with in 15 minutes.
That’s 5 plex’s x 3 sites per hour x 5 char’s x 30k lp per char per site = 2.25mil lp /h

The ratio is 2 250 000 / 90 000 = 25:1 ratio. (the scaling is way to crazy and lp will devalue to 0.25 where it was 1 in the old fw.)

Running a solo account pvping gives you 25x less lp than some multiboxer farming char or 5:1 difference per char.
You reduced missions lp (a great thing) because farming char’s where diluting LP, but now plex’s themselves are being diluted way more by farmers.

Please change the scaling to only 1 for every type of site except for the top site such as the battle field one where you actually need a fleet to do them. Or at minimum make it 2 so that the farmers only dilute the lp by 4x more than solo.

It has not taken massive effect yet and there is still time to fix it before we end up in a situation where a solo player (most people) see they are making 30mil/h and decide its not worth their time (obviously the pvp is worth the time but pvp/farm balance is important).

Alternatively you could make the x5 sites way more rare than they currently are that would work as well. Then a fleet of 5 players could jump a few jumps in search of these rare sites while a multi box farmer cant split his alts between 5 different systems. And if they do split their alts up then they are way more vulnerable to being attacked, where it would take some time for them to move to the system where one of their chars are attacked.



The game was never designed for single account players. They want you to upscale your capabilities by having more toons. It is the current bussiness model. For example I have 68 omega accounts at this very moment.

In addition, if you think in terms of isk/h… you are really doomed. It really requires multiboxing hard. I advice you to stop thinking about isk/h if casual/solo/single toon player.

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It ruins the game to have so many alts all over the place. I’m thinking about the multi boxers diluting value not about getting all that value myself.

If CCP want’s us to have 5 accounts each then why am I even in low sec, most of us come to low sec to not have to have so many accounts as that is usually a null sec/worm hole thing.

Like 1 alt account is reasonable but 5 is not.

Active accounts, your 68 accounts you dont play all at the same time I’m guessing? No one wants to have to use 1/3rd of their screen per account its a terrible experience.

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Lowsec people multibox very hard too. I believe CCP has no way to automatically distinguish between which toons are being multiboxed and which are real solo players, then even if they want to change the system, it would be really hard for them to do so.

listen to @ResonanceOfWar he spoke the truth
thats abuse
i was not even aware of this and clicked immediately wen i read

don’t listen to anything else , its the good old i will argue because forums lol and eve is made to yada yada


Sure but picture 2 scenarios:

Lots of people plexing and lots of pvp happening because the lp value is decently high.

The other scenario being lp value has dropped to 0.25 and the only people in plex’s are multi box farmers who run away when pvp comes.

Its easy to see which is the more attractive scenario.

Its not hard at all to change the system either keep all plex’s pay to only 1 person or make the 5 player sites much more rare the problem isn’t that it rewards 5 players the problem is that it double dips and is exponential.

The farmers were always there they just spread out 1 per plex over the wide swath of a T4 reward zone. Now instead you finally see them all in one place.

What is pirates did before was chase them out of the plex and sometimes catch them.

That’s still the solution.

Engage the sandbox and form an LP cartel. If you want to give CalMil free intel on Galmil farmer locations and ship type then we’d be most appreciative. I’m sure the opposite can be arranged.

The problem is they farm in the off times auzi tz and stuff when no one is on and they are farming 25x faster because of this crazy game design.

Imagine if a change came to null sec where if you hit an astroid with 1 hulk it mines at 1x speed if you mine the same astroid with 2 hulks it mines at 4x speed 3 hulks at 9x speed 4 at 16x speed 5 at 25x speed, this is what is happening now and it’s crazy.

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for wat i understanded
the problem is 1 alt at each plex and entering at the last minute to take the 5x thats pure abuse

he will make a big bag of money for nothing

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There’s always going to be crazy ways to make money by having more alts. I gave you a solution to take matters into your own hands, CCP can nerf rewards for everyone so alts also get the hammer, then congrats farmers will still be around just everyone suffers now.

CalMil is taking matters into its own hands and doesn’t need to whine to CCP.

If its linear its fair but its not linear its exponential if CCP does not change it FW has about a month left before its empty besides bot farmers.

The lp value for now is still good and the pvp is great but in time yea I guess we have to see CCP’s response if they agree or not.

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he warps in the last second and make the reward 5x bigger

i was invited to fleets , lets plex and always , hell no , unless it was to flip a system for the love of the cause

the site was made so the ■■■■■■■ that looooooove a fleet can make 1x each instead of 1/5

i don’t like it but i see that there is a motive

its a recent change and you can call that emergent gameplay
but is NOT, its a exploit

I understand why CCP did it and it makes sense from a design fun aspect where you get to fly with your friends, but unfortunately players are abusing it and ruining it for everyone.

I even thought about killing my own militia who I see doing it but I don’t want to take that standings hit.

The problem with that is the players on my own side are the ones ruining it, I cannot take it into my own hands I cannot kill my own people. I can kill caldari all day long but I cannot stop gallente alt’s from diluting it.

And there is no ways I’m giving intel to Caldari they can use that against me by posting it to my superiors and ruin my reputation.

And its not Whining to CCP its letting CCP know how to save faction warfare before the problem becomes apparent before it has done it’s damage it is still early days.

I can understand if you don’t have the for-sight that I do, most people don’t. I love fw and I want it to last for many years not many weeks.

If you actually did the math you’d realize “linear for bringing alts” is impossible. Things either scale exponentially or stay flat with the current reward system. Because fundamentally it is “Lp times pilots” calculation.

So all there is, is simply a harsher punishment for the solo guy when flat instead of exponential:

  • 1 guy in plex 10k LP, solo guy gets 10k LP
  • 2 guys each get 3k LP, solo guy gets 3k LP and farmer gets 3k LP
  • 3 guys each get 1.5k LP, solo guy gets 1.5k LP and farmer gets 3k from 2 alts.
  • 4 guys each get 1k LP, solo guy gets 1k Lp and farmer gets 3k from 3 alts.

Some foresight there :roll_eyes:

I’m going to repeat myself: be the change you want to see. If you have qualms and self-imposed lines you won’t cross because “reputation” that’s not anyone else’s problem.

O I see you don’t see the problem, re-read and you will see why I am complaining.
Your example is incorrect.

There is no “last 5 seconds gets 5 seconds / 15 minutes” reward mechanic because if someone partially completed a plex 8 hours ago and then a new group captures it after some back and forth, what reward is “fair” when they aren’t on grid and not logged in? And the remaining folks only get a few minutes worth of reward. Less LP for everyone finishing the site.

Bots are incentivized to sit in as many plexes as possible instead so same problem different bot behavior.

Seriously there’s no reason to make payouts even more complicated when farmers are going to min/max it anyway. Just because you refuse to put down a concrete example with numbers doesn’t mean they won’t, and figure out the new flight pattern to stick 1 toon in each plex for the full 15 mins duration.

Edit: seriously if it’s a problem just log in and figure out how to solve it in game.

Edit2: also, if you hate CalMil so much that you’d rather let farmers go free in the warzone than find mutual hatred of farmers then that is more “reputation” than anything.

You don’t get it you will see it eventually and be like wtf. I can see from your comment’s that you don’t understand the problem.

You know FW is not a money making area? its a WARzone

Ofc but the plex’s use lp as incentive to have the player sit there creating opertunity for pvp, once the lp value is terrible then the player wont sit in the plex and pvp will get less and less until fw is dead like it used to be.

You’re complaining about a lot:

  • warping into a x5 site and getting 5x the reward for having 4 alts versus being solo (25:1 ratio)
  • warping in last minute
  • LP reward scaling of being a multi boxer

I have addressed all of them. You just for some reason think not.

It’s you who doesn’t get it and therefore there’s no further discussion to be had here. Good luck with your CCP influencing campaign.

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