Limit the amount of alts in faction warfare or omega logged in at once

I have been running the Insurgency and the amount of 10-boxers who come into the site within a minute left and scope up the vast majority of the LP is becoming absolutely insane. I will sit solo in a site for 10-15 minutes and then gate like 3-5k LP when I should be getting like 25-30k LP. It’s such a huge lose and the only response is to shoot them which tanks standings or swap sides. I don’t think either are fair.

They should either limit the amount of characters that cane be logged in if they are in faction warfare or to limit the amount of omega characters that can be logged in to at most 3 characters.

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NO ! eve only exists because of multiboxer ! if you limit the ammount of online accounts then you have a lot of multiboxer who leaves the game !

Multiboxing is explicitly allowed and encouraged even.
If someone wants to pay Omega for 5 accounts, I don’t see why CCP would (or should) say no.
I personally do not use that possibility (not to say I may not in the future), but I am against restricting it.

This stuff has its humorous moments.

I saw a mass multibox tristan party to try to run a mining op. 1 Tristan pop right after another tristan pop.

Those boxers seem to rely on oh…more real players will come to help. Not for that I won’t.

They should restrict it for faction warfare and the insurgency at least because then they wouldn’t be stealing and tanking the LP you sat and waited 10-15 minutes for when they flew in right at the end.

The problem isn’t the multiple Omegas. The problem is the payout method (“flew in right at the end” aka payout-by-presence-on-grid-when-site-finishes) and the general design of these sites (“sat and wait”).

It’s beyond me why CCP can’t come up with a site design that is action-packed for those who like to run it and rewards only those who contributed to the progress. It’s not that hard to do, any decent game designer can create a concept for that in less than 15 minutes.


Restriction should be the last resort. For example the reason your LP reward drops when they come in, is because of a knee jerk restriction in the first place. But thats besides my point.

It seems like you are just interested in farming LP and then you have to deal with other farmers that do it more effeciently.

But there is a related problem with FW :slight_smile: Its that the mechanics incentivizes farming. Its not warfare when players from faction A get a substantially bigger reward than players from Faction B to complete the same plex. They will not be incentivized to fight over it and FW just becomes an passive farming activity for bots and alts.

There is zero chance a restriction like this would be imposed, not the least of which is how would you even code it. Alpha vs. Omega is relatively easy to do, but restricting multiboxing in one area of content seems like an impossibility.

Then would not a limit on multiboxing omegas be required. If no other solution is viable then the extreme is required. No limit on the amount of omegas one can have, just a limit on how many can log on at once.

are you some kinda of stupid?
seriously, i really need to ask you this.

Are you? If CCP and the CSMs don’t want to try other viable solutions to the problem, or do something as simple as declare it an exploit then would not the extreme be the last viable option? If people don’t like it, why don’t you give a viable solution that does not entail me dropping my preferred content entirely? Its not like I am talking about ganking here. Maybe let me shoot my own militia members without a standings hit? oh wait that’s a bad idea cause it incentives actual awoxers. What about have a scaled calculation for time spent in a plex? Oh too hard on the servers. Exploit? to much work for the GMs. Okay… Then limit multiboxing entirely??? OH NO WE CANT DO THAT! Come on dog, don’t insult someone, offer ideas. I offered mine, people did not like them. What idea do you have that could cut back on the gulls?

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Multibox yourself…bring a neutral alt or something and shoot them…KOS taht is what i would do.

Right if I could afford it, I would. Not everyone has $100+ish a month to drop on a game. I can not even afford to have one alt at the moment. 20$ is like the limit at the moment. So my only solution here entails me dropping my preferred content, tank security standings on my main, and call up friends to shoot people who shouldn’t really be a problem in the first place (something CCP could limit with in game systems) and is no longer an issue anyway because I had to drop the insurgency to do it in the first place or again tank my angels standings…

Because you can’t afford to do it, no one should be allowed to do it.


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Maybe, then there is a more viable solution? You are CSM, why don’t you try and put in a recommendation to scaled LP rewards? I offered so many other recommendations and you said,

If its so tough to find alternate solutions, the exetreme is where people go. What possible solutions do you have mister CSM… is your solution to just quit the content that was made by CCP?

I’m not CSM, I just have this damn tag for some reason. I’m former CSM.

I don’t have a solution because I don’t see any problems here. If it was ten other people coming in to the site and taking the LP, you couldn’t really complain, could you? So what if it’s one person?

The point is that CCP is making huge amounts of money from all those mass-multibox subscribers and has no economic interest to artificial limit content for them.

You know, they are simply doing math and pick the path that promises the most gains, so they have more money available to keep their business running, paying for all their jobs etc pp…

Then maybe petition to get it removed… Besides, Just because its not an issue for you, does not mean it is not an issue. How someone like you ever got elected into CSM is beyond me. A CSM would take time to consider people recommendations and concerns and try and figure out why its an issue and possible solutions that don’t require having to quit a certain type of gameplay. It isn’t like I am dying and complaining about that. I am spending my time in these plexs and people come in at 1 minute left and take it. Whether its bots, 10 people, or 1 person on 10 accounts. They get way more rewards than the share of work put in. So maybe you can try and actually care… I recommended stuff here because this is the place to put issues up for CCP and CSMs.


I got elected because I actually showed up here to talk to people, even if I didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear. What you want to hear is bad for the game and bad for more people than what is happening is bad for you. That’s why it’s not an issue. You don’t like that someone is able to do something you can’t do, but this is life. It’s not a problem to be solved. Don’t worry about what the other guy is doing, just do what you want to do.

You put it up here because it’s the place to recommend things, sure - that doesn’t mean what you’re recommending is a good idea.

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Sure, they buy plex on the market. Something someone bought. Without them, far less plex would sell. That does not mean they have to ignore when they actively hurt certain types of content. I know that is what CCP does. Besides, you say that but have no evidence to say how much the multiboxers have hurt the game and how many single subscribers might exist if they didn’t allow multiboxing like they did. At this point fixing it might not do any good, the damage has been done but if they had taken action on this a decade ago at EVEs peak, then maybe they would have more individual players. Ofc I have no evidence of this either. Just like how you are making a large assumption, so too can I.

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