Gangs of 5 Ospreys - anybody know why?

I get the Osprey bonuses, etc.

But why are these fleets always 5? And what are they doing; there are so many of them lately…

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Its probably the number required to get a certain level of capacitor for the spider tank.

Failing that is the cap chain running in the form of a pentagram, but with one of the points way out of position?

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They are for the Homefront PVE activities. There’s one type where you need to repair/capacitor assist NPC ships and these activities pay out the optimal rewards with 5 characters in the mission site. There are also people running around in fleets of 5 Augorors, for instance, or 5+ Golems for combat missions.


They are typically running Homefront Operation : Dread Assault sites. It is a PvE combat anomaly that involves capacitor boosting an NPC dreadnought while it destroys a pirate base. The pirate fleet can’t be destroyed (infinite respawns) so players are encouraged to spider tank it.

It can be done with more (or fewer), but to encourage players to participate in small fleet activities CCP designed it to give the highest isk payout when 5 players interact with the site.


Carebear stuff.


homefront payout optimization

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IDEALLY… it is meant for newbros who can coordinate together.

BUT… Yah… multiboxers really took over.

Is it bad? idk some of you more talkative people can hash that out…

Did CCP know this would happen? I would say so. They are not incompetent. :sweat_smile:

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those sites pay well, socials are flooded about the “make 100m/6minutes” which is true, but 99.99% of them fail to mention that you also need about 10b to finance the 4 additional toons required to run them :wink:

but if one already have them, those sites are a pretty decent AFK activity to keep the wallet afloat…

it is indeed a great way to get newbies into fleet ops … as they are fairly easy to get done, and quick to skill into the ships, but do require some attention from the people you bring in.


Swipe swipe credit card :sunglasses: :moneybag:

Insane numbers tho.

But this homefront stuff was designed to make player cooperate with each other, what is going on here! @CCP_Bee pls explain

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Those are single player multi boxers,don’t call them ‘people’.

It’s REALLY about time multi boxing is disallowed and leads to permbans…

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That’s the stupidest thing I ever read.
CCP makes banks with multiboxing. Take it out of the game and CCP goes under, Sherlock.


I would guess that they are a part of RedFrog protection response fleet.

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Just because you can’t multibox doesn’T mean others shouldn’t enjoy this way of playing. And it is people who control several characters. Read the text thoroughly before you spout nonsense.


i do those sites multiboxing when i’m bored, but like i wrote before it is a really great way to get newbies and carebaers alike into fleet coordination, as those sites are easy to get done. and in the somewhat safety of highsec.

alltough i do regulary run across people that do not know how basic math works and getting upset about it too …

just yesterday i went into a site where one was already in with 2 ships, the nice guy iam i warped one ship out, which led him to complain about it…

i guess basic math is not everyones power :wink:

few days earlier i lost a venture in a site, i told another guy that was multiboxing too that he can have it, i came back with another ship to grab the wreck, which lead him to complain that i take his money … haha

highsec people are either mega-nice or really really strange :wink:

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Uh-huh Aiko is one of those.


well if you do fall into the isk/hour trap and Eve becomes your fulltime job then it’s not that hard actually,
i had quite a few days where i made about 1.5B ++ and wasn’t even trying to speedrun it.
like being extremly picky about jump distance and only do two types of sites.

so in short you can finance the 4 additioanl Omega accounts in about 4-5 days of “work”.
but that’s not really a thing i would recommend to anyone, as eve is supposed to be fun and not a job.

on the other side, if i do lose a blingy thing, i catched myself thinking “whatever its just half a day of running homefront” haha

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Just like anywhere else in EVE. You can also meet the most understanding and helpful people in Null, but just as well the biggest douches imaginable.

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Human beings qualify for both conditions… lol

LOL whatever…

If a game provides on things that are illegal anywhere else it is good that it has to go…so ccp should end multiboxing and do something that bounds more (single) players to the server or go down the sink if they are not able to…well deserved…Welcome to 2024 game market where only performance counts and not wishful thinking…

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