Gangs of 5 Ospreys - anybody know why?

LOL…simply LOL

I did an answer to that above this to another buddy that is poised with the same stupidity …This still stands with your ‘opinion’ posted…Because you two are alike in your brainwashed mindset…

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Is your opinion, CCP disagrees and that is the only opinion that matters in terms of legality. The rest is self absorbed navel staring.

Good thing then that CCP allowed/condoned/considered Multiboxing ever since the creation of EVE and structured EVE around this paradigm, in contrast to all the other games that don’t allow it. Besides, the similarly old game WOW also allows multiboxing… which means your argument that there are no other big titles with multiboxing is uninformed and flawed. and just like in EVE, input broadcasting (called “command mirroring” there) are not allowed.

well lucky us that eve is not “anywhere else” then … just because everyone does it, doesn’t make it good or bad.

but if you really want to, you can come up with 40-50million USD not ISK a year, i’m sure they will then consider to think about making a meeting about this :wink:

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That would be 5,532,400,000.00 - 6,915,500,000.00 ISK* a year (at current exchange rate).



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OMG… WOW fights multiboxing from burning crusade onwards with all they have…

Bringing this ‘argument’ shows how low your knowledge is and how bubbled you are.

I understand that it must feel this way fom inside the bubble…but FACT is that EVE is the ONLY game that even thought of allowing multiboxing…EVER…

And this has to stop…but ccp would not do this…why? Because it would show that the actual player count with multiboxing cleaned up would not be 25k but more like 3k…and that would not look very good in the precious ‘monthly update’ numbers right?

You now may say that’s not important how many ‘real’ players are playing this game because every account has to be paid in one way or another,but the bottom line here is that this just blindsights you away from the reality…25k ‘online’ pilots does - in opposite what the fanboys always state NOT mean 25k players…it just means 3k players with 5-8 accounts multiboxing…

And is this ‘a good sign’ for a mmog?

I doubt it…

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If you tone down your rage, it might interest you that I have long since advocated for changing the metric from players to characters. But instead of doing that, CCP removed it alltogether. :slight_smile:

so? what’s your point?

besides other games allow that too … like in Elite dangerous as example the only way to own two Fleet Carriers is to have 2 accounts and the developer has no problem with that.
CCP just goes the additional step to make it easier.

still even if there is no other game ever in existence that does allow it, that doen not really make it wrong, just different.


Oh no, sometimes I play Starcraft 8v8 FFA, and I always try to bring a couple alts in order to make things more interesting.

And this is what? An argument that changes anything?

Yes, of course, you claimed that EvE is the first game to allow multiboxing, but I heard you could even multibox back in the original DooM!

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People brought multibox alts to the abyssal proving ground events and cooked the FFA stuff lol.

Why do you even care ? There is zero evidence you have ever undocked, let alone ever lost anything due to multiboxing.

Whilst the biggest whiners on the forum sit in dock and whine, the rest of us are actually out there playing the game.

Really ? Oh…what’s this checkbox on one of my other MMOs…Hmm.

multiple viewers

So ‘viewing’ is the same as ‘multiboxing’ for you? Well…this explains far more than you seem to be willing to give…:slight_smile:

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Sigh. It means I can log in multiple characters at the same time. Which is zero difference to multiboxing.

This does not exists…nowhere outside of eve.

Any game that even tried this is offline and well deserved.

And btw…i too can post an jpeg of a game that ist off for 20 years and try to sell it as an ‘argument’ for my opinions.

Sadly this fraud does not work…

Bottom line…

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You seem ignorant.

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Well, you clearly haven’t the faintest idea what you are talking about. I regularly log in multiple alts over on another MMO.

And you are frauding the truth…the only way it can fit into your agenda…

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