Limit the amount of alts in faction warfare or omega logged in at once

I cant, what I WANT TO DO is the insurgency and they actively hurt me doing so and makes it very frustrating and unfun. That is the point. They hurt the content. And just because I am the only one who cares enough to say something does not mean I am the only one who has an issue with this. Most people have just given up asking for assistance from CCP and CSM cause yall just rag on them and don’t care. I asked support and they said to come here. Then when I do, yall rag on me and tell me that I am upset for no reason. Explain to me how I am supposed to compete against a multiboxer who is actively destroying the content that CCP just released when I am poor IRL. I am not allowed to have fun because I am poor? Dang, elitist much, mister US lobbiest?

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sure, nobody can “prove” anything. However you can rest assured that

  • CCP has a lot more accurate data on subscriptions, multi-accounting and PLEX sales over a huge timeframe than we have.
  • CCP has some reason for their decision. They exist for multiple decades and they have some sort of economics/financial deparment and whoever works there is for sure more experience and has more knowledge/expertise to analyze such data than you or me.

That leads to the conclusion that “might have” and “what if” are leading exactly nowhere. If you believe they are on the wrong path, you have to convince them. Good luck with that.

Most CSM members don’t bother responding at all - do you see anybody here talking to you? People never stop asking for assistance, and they certainly aren’t being “ragged on” by anybody.

You can do what you want to do, but this is a game where there’s going to be competition, and that means you’re going to have to figure out a way to deal with it. This isn’t a solo player game, which means other people are going to do things that may impact what you want to do. That’s life. If somebody was coming in to the incursion from the other side and killing you at the end, would you be demanding to be free from PvP?

Everybody is allowed to have fun, but you’re asking that someone else not be allowed to have fun because he’s impacting your fun. Try to think about the big picture for a minute instead of being solely focused on yourself.

So someone else gets to have fun and I get my time wasted cause they spend more money. Starting to sound like a pay to win game? Accurate or not? Guys spends more money, gets to have more fun, more LP, and more earnings. Interesting argument mate…


Somebody has a better computer than you, than can do more. Somebody has more skill at clicking, they can do more. Somebody has a better internet connection than you, they can do more.

Welcome to life.

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So essentially, “f that guy” Roger. This is a video game, not life. I could have the best computer in the world and could lose a fight to a potato PC, I could be an expert pilot and lose to a s*** pilot because I made one mistake or their fit countered me, I could have 10 gbs connection and lose a fair fight cause tick rates are only 1 per second. However, unless I shill out more money, I cant do better than someone else that does. One should be able to assume that if they run more accounts at a time, they get to double the income they make. They can mine out a rock field faster than a solo, Sure, But what they CANT do is stop you from mining the rock unless they kill you. In the insurgency, they can steal your LP and time, WITHOUT you being able to respond or killing you. So whether you think its an issue of not, it IS. You can keep comparing it to things that do not relate but you would continue to be wrong.

Of COURSE you can, dude. Are you telling me that literally every time you run a site, no matter what time of day or where, somebody is coming in at the last 1 minute to steal all the LP and this ONLY happens to you?

It happens a good 75% of the time. Which is a very large reduction in LP. It has happened a good bit less over the last few days but I could contribute that to the holiday.

In fact I have had people who intentionally fly to my site and leave when they see it at 9 minutes and come back 7-8 minutes later on the dot.

Yeah well maybe exactly this is your problem. Insurgencies aren’t solo content in the first place. These sites have fleet-payout by design. I mean, do you realize they are not meant to give a solo guy 30k LP for just “sitting there”?

They are designed to be solo if its an ADV-1 that is what the one stands for. They have adv-5s and 10s which are fleet content.

And if getting 15k every 10-15 minutes was my issue then I would not be complaining. I on average get 2-3k cause again they fly in last minute and take the lion shar across many characters.

Nanana, the “one” only says that you’ll get diminishing returns for using more chars in this site. The whole Insurgency System is Multiplayer Content and you can absolutely not assume to be left alone just because ou are in a ADV-1 site. If another gang has 10 pilots and they can fly in, they will. No matter if that are 10 real players, 5 guys dualboxing or 1 guy with 10 accounts. In fact, if warping in at the last minute and reaping most of the rewards, it’s a very clever use of the current mechanics (which are stupid, at least the payout method based on “presence on grid” and not on “progress contribution”). However, those who use the existing systems the best will prevail.

So, it would more reasonable for you to ask for a payout-system change instead of restricting multiplayer content.

BRUH, I literally have like 6 or so times so far here. Every time I am told it is not feasible. Like seriously, if you are not going to read the things I have said, don’t reply. How about you give out a recommendation the first time instead of going down this chain of 4-5 messages and find out we literally agree…

I have never argued against a payout change (in fact, I have suggested it in my first reply in your topic, before you even mentioned it). So, I already did what you ask me for, here: Limit the amount of alts in faction warfare or omega logged in at once - #6 by Syzygium

And thats the only thing we do agree. I explicitly don’t agree with an account limitation.

That is fair and admittedly this is not the place I have discussed this but the results are always the same. The problem I am having is that besides you, people don’t even consider it to be a problem in the first place. Why fix that which aint broke. The only issue is that is is broke and is an issue.

Not going to happen, because the policy is to milk multiboxing. Actually, there were changes in the opposite direction. They allowed people to join FW without leaving their corporations and added x10 sites, so now we have people who have absolutely nothing to do with FW farming LP with 10 bots.

Making payout depend on time spent in a complex makes sense and would make the game less toxic, but that is against the policy, just forget it.

No, I wont forget it. “just forgetting it” is why issues don’t ever get fixed. Black out is an example of this. It takes players bringing it up and coming together to get solutions.

I suppose, one could argue that FW multiboxers are only a few hundred accounts, that is a drop in the ocean. But then the ocean is made up of such drops: countless broken or unbalanced mechanics, which never get fixed because they are profitable to certain rich and influential groups. How to become more rich and influential then they are without the same abuse is an interesting question.

But then the man who moves a mountain has to start somewhere, may be, your FW corp.

who told you that CCP isnt actual working on this issue ?
who told you that CCP exactly this excpectet and wanted this as result ?

and eve hasnt countles broken systems … maybe a few ! doesnt mean they got fixed or only a few ppl use this mechanics and its not worth to invest recources to fix this “problem”

station trading ! you dont need 20 accounts for station trading ! only one and with this one account also only 1 chars ! and your isk/h on an average per month will be break every activity which needs at least one ship in any space !

The problem is in FW multiboxers actively hurt the people they play with, in a much bigger sense then usual. Sit in a site, someone warps in with 15 characters, they get all the reward and you get less then tablescraps. For new players this is very discouraging and reason to quit FW.

If everytime CCP brings out new content and multiboxers ruin it for others (And yes, they do in this case) then it’s no wonder new players don’t stick around.

Now, while personally I agree that multiboxing should be limited to n amount of accounts I understand that this isn’t something CCP would ever do. A solution could that CCP should create content that can be enjoyed equally by multiboxers and new / solo / small boxer players. As this currently isn’t the case with CCPs latest addition to the game (Which arguably is already ruined and thus probably won’t see much updates going forward) I wouldn’t keep my hopes up.

In short, either multibox as well or just quit. As Brisc would like, just quit the game, it’s not for you. Multibox or shut up :slight_smile:

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