CCP Please hot fix fw quickly before its too late

Nope incorrect, getting 5x the reward per character.

If each alt made the same as a solo player and the multi boxer got 5x the total rewards that will be completely fine.

I have addressed this and you repeating “no incorrect” does not change anything but tell readers you are just dismissing hard numbered criticism.

Good luck.

FW is a warzone and a JOB
you are


you are a paid soldier of a empire

anyway im not even plexing anymore
i cant stand to grind in eve for years
so i will not involve myself in other endless discussion

to me @ResonanceOfWar have a point

se yaaaaaaaaaa guyssss

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W.e if you want to be blind that is your thing I have raised the concern to CCP it is up to them what they want to do.

They where told early on about rorqual’s as well and left it way to late.

Literally not blind. I agree there’s a problem. How you and tux can’t tell this is mind boggling.

The difference is we’re already doing things to curtail this problem. You’re here picking fights with me for: agreeing with the problem, but finding whining to CCP a waste of time, and instead forcing farmers out in the game itself.

You’re insulting a guy that sees the problem too but is doing things actively to address it.

We’re busy discouraging farmers. What are you doing?

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I’m sorry if it came off like that I was getting frustrated becuase it sounded like you where dismissing the issue and telling me it is not an issue at all and im wasting my time trying to communicate with CCP.

In my experience CCP read this kind of stuff and do make changes I feel it is important to bring it to their attention.

My apologies.

You do know farmers havent the slightest ■■■■ if we force them out one day, they will always come back the next day, and the next, etc …

It also does get old from a pvp standpoint to have to boot the same ship setups every single day, and missing out on some other more fun pvp encounters.

Instead some tweaks could be done from high above that might reduce the extent of the problem, but asking for that even in the slightest is like heresy these days.

It absolutely is an issue. I want to affirm my solidarity with you. I apologize for not making it clear.

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I had this executioner keep warping to my site see me on dscan and warp off and be back every 2minutes if I warp to the site he is off again so anouying.

When the wholesale warzone is hostile to them and they don’t make gains then yes they do care.

I have an inbox from the old LP farmers full of tears to prove it. From your warzone, no less.

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Well that’s good to hear. Feel free to share that mail with me ingame, i would LOOOVE to get a taste of those tears.

We’ll see a few weeks or months down the line what gives tbf.

They have dscan scripts for that.


I’m genuinely surprised that there are still people who think that Faction Warfare is about fighting other players, and not grinding out enough ISK to sell on PA to fund your new BMW lease payments.

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sounds like content

The stench of krab is vile

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Bro you can’t be serious LOL.

You’d be surprised Gix…

A while ago I took a trip to null to witness a 50+ in a local, all the same names, one dude.

Wonder if people still make a decent living from RMT in Eve these days…

This is why I like to pop rocks, way less stressful.

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EVE players taking advantage of existing game mechanics. Because that never happens…

The fix is simple, let the countdown also scale with the number of players. So 1 player would only decrease the timer 1 second for every 5 second spend.