FW ...Dip in out?...what gives?

(StarGlider7) #1

Sooooooo Back in the day (bittervet) I reached the dizzy heights of Luminaire General for the Gallente FW…

Recently dipped back in and ran an FW mission with a colleague (successful) and then drop back out to Scope to carry out mundane stuff…

I note with interest this eve mail…
From: Gallente Federation
Sent: 2017.08.17 21:13

Your actions against the Federation, and your attacks upon the values it upholds have forced us to demote you to the following rank: Federation Minuteman."

So …what gives? …Do I really have to grind again to raise ranks?

Not a huge issue, more of a kudos/epeen thing, but surely if I’ve done my time, I should be able to dip in an out of FW without detriment ?

(Lady Ayeipsia) #2

Did you attack gallante ships during a mission?

(StarGlider7) #3

No, had to destroy some kind of large collidable - a reactor iirc.

(Abyss Azizora) #4

What about your friend? If your in a fleet with him I believe you would take standing loss if he did something to drop his. Not sure what else could cause it, I’ve dipped in and out of FW solo and as a corp/alliance many times, never took any standing hits.

(Tristan daCuhna) #5

During your time out of faction warfare did you engage in pvp against any members of the Gallente Militia? If so, you would have lost standings which don’t take effect upon your rank until you rejoin FW and undertake and action, such as capturing a plex or handing in a mission, which caused your standings and rank to update.

(StarGlider7) #6

Ah, Yes, I may have had a faux pas with a fellow capsuleer - who might have been in Gallente FW… This would make sense… Thanks for clearing up Tristan.