FW friendly fire standings loss

So one of my chars was plexing and a pilot in the same corp (SPROT) came in and sat there waiting for the timer to pop to take half my LP. I had fought off a couple of opposing faction intruders already and took this presumption to be quite rude and asked himto leave, he refused and I stupidly blew him up (pod and all). 2 questions.

1, why haven’t I been kicked out of SPROT yet (I’m -7 to them now and -0.6 to C State) ?

2, What is a good way to repair the damage other than plexing forever ?

IB4 you are stupid… yes I know

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Run Sister’s of EVE epic arc for Caldari. State Protectorate standings would be improved by improving the Caldari Faction as a whole.

Run storyline missions for Caldari agents (will take a such time as running FW missions directly or more).

Not sure what else would help.

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Thanks LA will look at the epic arc. I’m still not booted from SPROT yet, thought that would happen straight away, although I’ve no experience in this situation so I don’t really know what I’m expecting

That may be a downtime thing.

If you can tell us if you get kicked at downtime would be great, kinda curious

Sure, will do. I’ve become a cautionary tale lol

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actually I can’t, just retired, gonna do the Epic arc, so that mystery will remain unsolved

Funny I didnt think you lost LP for having someone else in the PLEX with you.

Hmm… never split my LP earnings with anyone else in a plex with me, and I have been part of some pretty big fleets deplexing systems.

From EVE uni’s wiki:

You have to be within the complex’ capture radius at the moment it’s completed (i.e. when the timer runs out) to receive a reward; if there are multiple pilots within the complex at the moment it’s completed, the LP reward is split evenly between them (irrespective of how long they have been there).

Happens at down time, for corps you get a grace period before getting kicked from alliance if the average standing drops to low. Although it sucks having someone come in and leech some LP from you, it isn’t a good enough reason to kill them. You will get a bad reputation within the militia and get excluded from a lot of content. If a person continues to do it you could always shoot them but not scram them and get them to warp off, or you could take them into deep hull and hope the rat kills them. If I remember correctly you don’t get the Lp if your in a pod, so no reason to pod them.

Just Join Gal Fed! No one wants Caldari Standing anyway!

ok so I left SPROT and ran the SOE epic arc, just over 3 hrs I think and quite enjoyable. Thanks for the tip Lady Ayepsia, I’ll use this again to repair some other faction standing. I gave me a big enough bump that I immediately re-enlisted and was accepted.

Lesson is that EvE doesn’t care what your motivations are, I may as well have been awoxing for cheap kills rather than defending my LP.

Also I found out about this the plan

Thanks for the advice lads o7


Rememder, you can run the SOE epic arc once every 3 months. It can be a huge help for standings. It’s the only reason Gallante like me. I was a bad Caldari mission runner once.


Funny, I hadn’t noticed it getting split. I probably does, I haven’t paid that close of attention to be honest.

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