Faction warfare - standings - LF casual corp - NEWBRO

Hey, im newish and dont really know much about the game. I wanted to get into FW but i have some doubts.

I hear a lot of people make new accounts just for FW. Is that because of the standings you lose? If i join FW then decide to leave, will it have permanent effects on my char? How do you repair standings past -5 where u are hostile to that faction and cant even enter their space?

If i decide to create another account just for FW, how do i do that thing u start the character with 1mil SP and assuming i just want to focus on frigate FW, is it smart to get the magic 14 skilled then follow some specific frigates’ mastery skills?

Is there a big but casual FW corp that does not require you to pour in time, doesnt require you to be in comms but lets you chill/chat in game and helps newbros like me?

Is FW still active/worthwhile if you wanna make a bit of isk and mainly wanna frigate pvp / learn more about pvp

Thank you guys/gals in advance.

I think it is exciting to have the Amarr and Caldari hate me, to have my sec status prevent me from entering certain systems without police intervention, and to be at war with my sworn enemy even in high sec.

I’d say go for it, let your main character develop a reputation with the NPCs and other players. It’s part of the fun. And if you really need to repair those relationships in the future, there are ways.

Some things, like hauling stuff through highsec, can be done using one of the other character slots on your account. That stuff is not exciting, so let an alt do it! :slight_smile:

If you want to join the Gallente Militia, Aideron Robotics has been around forever, has a great leader, Ashterothi, who is an influential member of the community. And they will have group objectives, but won’t get mad at you for going to eat dinner.

(PS, I’m not in FW anymore, but I was for a long time. It’s great.)

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Hey, thanks for the reply. My reasoning for asking these was because this is my main character and im not really sure where i want to take him yet, i wanted to do FW because i found it interesting and a good entry to pvp (which is my main interest in the game) but the end goal for me is to establish into null and roam/pvp there. Im thinking if i commit to a faction and get really bad standing in other areas, i wont be able to move to other areas with my main. I have no idea which part of the map i ll end up yet. Plus im not very keen on having alts, id much rather have one character that i focus and get invested in.

For now, im gonna be on caldari side. Do u know of a corp doing that side?

The standings will only matter in highsec, and if you’re trying to talk to mission agents. Lowsec/Null/WH, people decide who to attack by other means.

Caldari I don’t really know. You can just join the State NPC corp on your own and then meet people in the militia channels you will be automatically added to once part of FW.


Yeah on highsec i know, i mean in the way that if i wanna end up in the south side of the map or join a corp south side and i join FW for caldari im gonna be in a bad spot. If the standings are damaged. I probably didnt type that out very well but i hope u can understand what i mean. Englando hard.

As for the corp, im aware the game will automatically send me to an npc corp but i hoped there was a big corp for casuals where i could just chat and get information from the people.

There definitely is, I just don’t know what it is. But if you join the State Protectorate, people will chat you up and you can find a group to join.

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What are you waiting for? Just come to nullsec.

You need only 2 things to join a nullsec corp/alliance:

  1. will to learn
  2. not being a jerk

Yes, the corps will more often then not ask for things like being able to fly doctrine ship. But as long you are working toward it and showing up for corp/alliance operations then all is fine.

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Run for the hills. Nullsec means doing what you’re told. Train this. Fly this. Show up now

You do NOT want to move to null so early in your career. It’s a railroad.

Also, if you join a corp and it’s not great. Don’t put up with it, leave and find a good one.

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Well, it’s certainly not for everyone. But I think it’s a good fit for those who lack direction. Like, if I see someone asking what they should do after finishing the SoE epic arc, I figure they’d fit in well in a bloc. Plus they offer a lot of advantages that make life easier (such as SRP, stimulus programs, free ships, money making guides, response fleets, intel channels). So, it’s kind of like playing Eve on easy mode -assuming, of course, that you can put up with the downsides (i.e. hurry up and wait, blue balls, doctrines, TiDi).
No P2W

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By no mean go do what you want.
Rather goes for whatever playing style suits me.

That kind of “advice” is older than you and me and did not but putting people away from Eve in droves.

Although, I agree with your last line:


Can you recommend a null group that actually teaches PvP?

(I’m not trying to bait you and be an ass. I’m actually asking.)

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I believe you are not trying to bait me, but I think I can’t avoid to be an ass in some way:

Returning player there and not that much active. Other than a slight suggestion for the corp/ally* I’m in for a couple of weeks, no recommendations.

Still, teaching the hopes to recruits is an integral part of any nullsec group worth their salt. If nullsec is what one is aiming for, then go look at recruitment post and talk with recruiters.
And if you find out that you really don’t like [insert derogatory term for null groups here] schemes, then you can move on before investing months/years of you Eve life “preparing yourself” for it.

*feel free to convo/mail me, and I forward to the recruiters.


Well since i last joined the forums you guys had a good conversation on this. The doctorines, doing what people tell you, “hurry up here” etc etc really really really dont fit me. Not at this time atleast.

More background info about me: Im in a point of my life where pretty soon im not gonna be able to just hop into the game and play whenever, also i dont wanna do that at all. Actually what im looking for precisly is a community/group of people like me. They wont ask me to join comms, they wont push me to do anything i dont feel like doing, they wont force any ideas on me but just have chill conversations in game and ask/answer eachother’s questions while doing whatever and maybe do small group stuff from time to time when everyone feels like it.

My last few days of eve gameplay has been sitting in a station while checking fits/researching the game + doing some missions and running abyssals meanwhile watching netflix/streams. And im very satisfied with that for the time being. The only thing id like to change is get into low stakes pvp and learn about it hence me asking questions about FW frigate pvping etc. Because ive always been into the pvp side of things in games. Especially full loot games.

Ive done the whole big group/zerg pvp in many other games and that was all fun but thats just not what i feel like doing atm.

That all being said, ofc the end goal is nullsec, I actually joined a group in nullsec couple days back thinking it would be fun but i fastly realized thats not what i wanted at the moment. i find null very interesting but i specified it as an “end goal” because i dont wanna get there right now and what u guys/gals said makes sense to me, null groups can be fun but only if you are up for it.

I just realized i wrote a small essay when all i needed to say was “yeah that all makes sense” but since i already wrote it all down, im not going back.

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Various null groups have PvP classes, and some even offer mentorships. Of course, what they teach is usually tied to roles in sov warfare, but they do teach PvP. Moreover, the big groups all have various sigs, that get into various forms of PvP (i.e. small gang, whaling, ganking).

Once again, however, the null blocs are not for everyone, and they most certainly have their downsides. But I’m not sure why some people really seem to have it out for them? Is it because they hoover up newbros that might have tried other areas of space, people are tired of n+1 strats, or what?
No P2W

I don’t think the big null blocks are good for new players because they don’t teach you to be independent. They set the goals, they set the fits, they ping for stuff and have links you need to click on for participation points. You sacrifice your individual agency.

After spending a year in FW learning how to pick your fights, pay attention and make decisions instead of wait for instructions, etc., you’ll be a valuable asset to null pvp group as a scout and/or tackle.

I know I’m generalizing. I can’t possibly say everything about all the different null groups. Just saying, fight on your own first and learn to do that. Then you can set your own agenda even in a null group.

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Yeah thats exactly what im trying to avoid.

Id love to be mostly left on my own with some chatting, Q&A etc.

If you join the state protectorate, you’ll be in that militia channel automatically, like I mentioned.

It’s a great place to ask for advice, find a friend to fly with for an hour, share fits, whatever.

Let us know what you decide and how you like it!


Or you can join a nullcorp a year earlier and be a valuable asset nonetheless.

Well, I think that both my bias and your bias is clear by now. We like different aspect of the game and have different opinions about how it “should” be played.
I’m fine if we just agree to disagree, because, end of day, both are just trying to offer a perspective that helps a fellow player to find his own path. (And who care about what lowsec scum think anyway? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

@Pewtato still open for a convo/mail in game if you have any interest in coming to nullsec (now or later). Otherwise, have fun with whatever you decide to do in Eve.

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Yeah for sure, no hard feelings at all.

We just gave our opinions and that’s that. Pewtato can explore the options further and I hope they have fun no matter what they choose.

Argh! I’m a pirate!! :pirate_flag:


I’ve recently joined FW in the Gallente NPC with many of the same reservations about time as you. So far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the willingness of people in militia chat to help out, and being in the NPC corp hasn’t been an issue.

I do think it’s quite dependent on your time zone though. I’m based in AUTZ geographically, and there are fewer players on in my evenings, but they’ve been helpful. On the weekend, I can sometimes do EUTZ (my morning) and there’s lots of stuff happening, again, with help. In my afternoon (earlyish USTZ) it’s quieter and people seem to be less interested in a newbie. However, that’s based on not much experience, and very possibly there’s stuff going on that makes me an unwelcome distraction at this time.

I think you’ve just got to get into stuff and find out for yourself, null or low-sec, because no-one else can judge what you find fun. I wouldn’t worry about standings or suchlike - I’ve seen players who have been in one corp for 15 years, and others with 15 corps in their history in the last year. I guess everything is fixable!