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Hey everyone,

The corporation that I am in, (yes this is an alt) is planning on joining FW for a little bit just to have a little bit of fun :slight_smile: The question that I have is, if the corporation joins FW are they able to opt out of FW later on?

Also another question that I have, if the corporation joins FW does it affect everyone in the Corp standings with those that don’t participate in FW or only those who choose to go into the plex/kill at the end of the day?

Any help with this would be awesome! :slight_smile:

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Your corp can opt out of FW later. The standings bit I’m not sure of.

Your combined standings only matter to qualify your corp to enlist or stay in FW for that specific faction. If your combined standings are too low, you’ll be kicked from that militia as a corp.

Only those players being active will receive standings bumps or hits when killing the npc’s within the complex objectives or in the missions.

Do keep in mind that high sec, or any other sec, is not safe for you, whether you participate or not. You might not incur standings losses, but you are in a war and are an eligible target to other players and the faction police. Stay out of the enemy npc high sec.

There is a 24 hour period between enlistment and quitting the war.

Many corps come in and go. Hope you fellas have fun. Join the losing side and you’ll never be bored.

Awesome!!! Another quick question, if our corporation is in an alliance can we still join FW while in an alliance? Or does that stop it?

Your alliance executor will have to join fw, and all corps will be in fw. Also, FW flags you for PvP, all the time, everywhere. Just keep that in mind.

PvP every sounds good to me :slight_smile:
Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to add a couple of things:
-You can travel in enemy high sec space, but you can’t loiter around or NPC navy will kill you. But they react so slowly that they’ll never kill if you jump to next system or dock at a reasonably quick speed.
-You don’t have to worry about the above in low sec. No NPC navy, of course.
-Yes, you can dock at enemy stations in high sec.
My corp is in Minmatar militia, and I’m able to pretty safely shop in Jita (enemy Caldari space). Except for the danger of enemy militia guys camping the 4-4 undock, looking for easy kills…

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