Returning player - Plenty of questions for changed game systems

Hi all,

Returning player here from many years ago. I’ve been trying the game out again, slowly getting back into things by running some missions and made another box alt for industry/manufacturing, something I find very appealing now (I suppose I’m just getting old).

I do have a few questions about systems that have changed or that I just don’t understand. I’d appreciate it if you could help!

  • I used to fly in the Gallente FW militia about ten years ago. It seems like I have negative standings with the Caldari and Amarr factions. Thankfully I have diplomacy so I can still fly there, but I’m not sure how I tanked my standings so hard since the EVE-Uni wiki says you don’t actually lose standing from shooting enemy militia players, or plex NPCs. At most I can only assume I lost standing from FW mission NPC kills? Is that right or am I missing a likely culprit for the standing loss?
  • On standings, I would like to raise my faction standings at least, if possible. I’m currently running the Sisters of Eve Epic arc, but what are the other good ways to raise standings with factions? Is it even possible to keep them all positive?
  • Concerning FW, I see a lot of systems have changed. Do I understand it correctly that Gallente are now no longer allies with Minmatar and can therefore not engage Amarr militia members without it being considered a crime?
  • Is it worth doing all the AIR job arcs on my old character? Or are those just a waste of time?
  • When I returned to the game 4 years ago, I logged onto this character for the first time and was stuck in a T1 frigate or cruiser in lowsec. On my way to highsec, through some gates, I got instalocked and destroyed within the first hour of my return. That’s EVE I suppose, but what ships are used to create such instalocks, how common are they, and how can I best avoid lowsec gate camps?
  • I’m very confused about the new pirate FW stuff. What exactly are the effects of corruption on systems? How are systems chosen as cnadidates? Can corruption keep spreading or does it have some sort of cap?

Many thanks for any help you can provide!

standings hit was probably from accepting and completing “shoot imperial navy” agent missions
Galmin and Calamari teams remain the same. Search USIA on these forums for guidance and/or paid help.

The AIR achievements pay pretty decently, otherwise save the career agents for standings improvements.

Instalockers start with high scan radius ship like interceptor then boost it higher with signal amplifier, sensor booster, a buddy with remote sensor booster. Alternately you make their job easier with big sig radius: MWD active or shield extenders fit

New stuff

If pirates win, the secuirty level of the system goes down. I.e. lowsec systems become like nullsec, and hisec systems become like lowsec.


Its only a single system and all systems nearby that are connected to that system, i believe.

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