Faction Standings - and Their Penalties

To the Honorable CSM:

Would there ever be or is there talk about removing the faction penalty you get in highsec for having bad standings because of something like FW? I’m going to be jumping into FW but I am also kinda worried about how it will affect my other favorite pastime, running highsec DED sites. Losing wide open access to highsec really sucks and the faction repair plans sound awful and boring. I’m okay with being a wartarget but the faction police part kinda sucks.

Make another character on your account, use different characters for different aspects of gameplay.


We haven’t talked about it. I would say this is one of those decisions that you need to weigh. You could create another character, as Dravick noted.

It’s easy to deal with sec standings, but faction standings have always been harder.

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Thank you your Excellency.

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