Faction Warfare Standings are broken

Hi there,

two days ago we received a mail telling us that our FW standings dropped below the threshold to continue. The cause was dealt with, but the standing window wouldn’t update at any time.

Now we got expelled from Minmatar FW and still got a negative standing, even though most ppl with negative standings left the corresponding corp.

Anybody else got issues with standings? Any suggestions how to fix this mess are welcome.


PS: At the same time, the in game Bug Report is bugged for me. It just displays an empty window, so i can’t post an official BR atm…
To be honest, this is really annoying.

Update: i was able to send an ingame bug report.

We just noticed, that we get attacked by faction police in Caldari space, even though our caldari standings (e.g. -1.41) are high enough.

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