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I am attempting to join Caldari militia and when I go to enlist myself (direct enlistment it is called IIRC), it advises me that my standing is poor with this faction (-0.74.) This was fine, I trained up diplomacy a bit and got my standing to +0.12.

After training and waiting out downtime, I figured I could join. FW enlistment still has the same messaging saying my standings are too low to join Caldari. Does FW not account for your skills and just your base standing in regard to enlistment? If not, is there a fix?

Thanks for any insight and help you can provide, I haven’t played in a few years so would love to figure this out and move forward - essentially a newbro again.

Screenshot 2023-07-31 231037
Screenshot 2023-07-31 231059

Enlisting in FW uses base standings not modified

So yes, training diplomacy did not help as you need to be 0.0 base.

Several options for you.

You can run through the career agents
Do the SOE Arc and pick caldari
Storyline missions

Or you can pay the USIA to raise it

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Dang, thank you for the reply. This solved it for me.

Re edited with some options for you

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