How to raise State Protectorate standings?

Hi There

Does anyone know how to raise standings with the Caldari State protectorate?

I’m trying to join FW for Caldari but im being prevented by the state protectorate standing.
I cannot do lv 1 missions for them unless I “join the fights” but I cannot join because my standings are too low. How can I raise this? I have done SOE, Caldari events, and tags missions for the faction but none of these increased my standing with the protectorate.

Bear in my mind my effective standing is showing at +1.73! (but the base is -0.3)
So it seems any skills are irrelevant.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hmm. My first idea would be to fleet up with someone who already is in the war and can use one of the State Protectorate Security Agents. Then he must finish a mission and share the standing gain with you. Maybe repeat 2-3 times and you should be above 0.

Reach out to us at USIA
we can help you with this. Discord in link

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You can easily boost Caldari or all Faction Standings, just check out ‘The Plan’…

Since you’re looking to join Caldari FW, just concentrate on running the Allied Faction Agents (Caldari/Amarr).

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