Unable to accept FW agent missions or engage plexes even though labeled "At war"

Hi all,

Kinda like the title suggests. I just joined FW as a corporation, the current standings with the Caldari State are 1.09 and State Protectorate at 1.1. I’m labeled “at war”, received an email saying my corporation has joined the Caldari State faction at war “fighting may begin” but when I try to engage an agent to do a mission it says I “need to join the war” and I am unable to engage any plexes.

I’m truly at a loss on how to proceed. I know I have the flu and am a little punchy but this can’t be that hard… Any help you could give me would be most appreciated. Thank you. o7

I think joining/leaving FW as a corporation is one of those rare things that requires a downtime to happen to fully take effect.

At least that was the case 10 years ago.


Can confirm this is still the case, need to wait until after a downtime

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Nice to see more people joining FW


Thanks for the replies, folks. I wasn’t going crazy with fever then.

Damn, even with a downtime cycle I am still unable to accept a mission. The agent still tells me “I will only give out missions to those who have joined the war!” I’m clearly labeled “at war”. Sad times :frowning:

Sounds like your standings are not high enough for the agent/corp.

What level agent are you trying?

Fw agents work same as empire

Level 1 agent: (no standings requirement)
Level 2 agent: standings of 1.0 or higher
Level 3 agent: standings of 3.0 or higher
Level 4 agent: standings of 5.0 or higher

Missions are based on player standings not corp, so it may be your personal standings

It’s a level 1 agent. My effective standings with the agent is 8.0 and my Caldari State standings are 7.96 and my State Protectorate standings are 2.17. I’m marked with the red tinted crossed swords in the upper left corner, When I pop up my character screen it says “At war”, when I right click my name and select “show info” it says “Caldari Militia”, for all intents and purposes I’m at war but without the benefits.

What agent are you trying to engage with?

Asho Nokoka, security agent, level 1 in the Ishomilken system, 0.4 space. Also when I tried to access the acceleration gate to a Caldari Novice site, for dplex purposes, it said something about “only members of factional warfare are permitted beyond this point”

It even automatically put me in the “militia” chat, so I’m in it, but not, its weird. Is there something I’m supposed to do corp-side that accepts or enables it?

I guess I’ll “retire” my corp from service, leave said corp and join independently. That should take care of the problem… 24 hrs later :frowning:

Ran into the same problem recently with a corp joining the Caldari millitia.

Basically, even though you see the militia chat immediately after the corp successfully joins the militia, you won’t be able to capture fw outposts, or accept missions, or gain standings or anything until after the next downtime.

Pathetic how something like this isnt fixed after the game running this long with as many subs and players involved.

It’s not broken its done like that intentionally, people used to abuse it so CCP made it only activate at next down time for corp’s/alliances blame the players for abusing it.

Its a game where your skills take weeks to train and you are too impatient to wait half a day? holy cow, next you want free kill’s to come to you and die at your feet and drop big lootz.

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