I put my Corp in FW, UI says I'm in FW but I'm not in FW

I put my corp into FW at 10:38 EVE Time, after downtime passed I see the following:

  • Local militia members and war targets.
  • Symbol on top left says I’m at war.
  • I’m in militia chat.
  • I click my name it says I’m in militia.

But this is the problem.

  • FW plexes do not tick.
  • FW is not showing on my corp war history.
  • When I click my corp it does not say it’s in FW.
  • I can dock in Gallente (I’m at war at) FW space stations.

I haven’t checked if I’m showing as neutral to others or if I can actually kill war targets (I don’t want to risk this not being the case) so I don’t really know if I’m at war or not. All I can see has happened is that the UI thinks I’m in factional warfare even though I’m not actually in factional warfare?

It’ll resolve itself next downtime but it’s a really annoying and confusing bug.

I think you have to wait a day for it to become active with a corp entering FW. Wait and see, imho…

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