Faulty Corp Fac-War Enlistment

EDIT: SOLVED. Don’t waste your time reading this. Spare me the embarrassment. You deserve better. I am sorry to those who have done so already. Thank you to those who offered help and were patient. I will leave this here as a testament to my stupidity, and an example to those who post without conducting the several days of research needed to ensure the post is not in vain.

I have been running the NETOS Training Program for about 5 years.
The final stage of the Training Program consists of a 1 (+/-) week enlistment in Caldari Militia Factional Warfare. This stage is integral and necessary to bring all which has been covered in the 3-4 weeks beforehand into fruition and subject Trainees to PvP in a more organized fashion, as well as cooperation with a larger group of friendlies, after having covered relevant material, practiced many maneuvers, and having become better acquainted with what to expect.

In the years of 2018, 2019, and 2020, this process went smoothly. I could set a date in the in-game Clock/Calendar for the Corp to be ready, enlist even 15-10 minutes before DownTime on the day marked, and after DownTime the Corp would be fully enlisted, appear Purple to Caldari Milita, and contribute to Fac-War and gain LP from capturing complexes. At worst, we would have to wait for following DownTime, but never more, and we would be fully enlisted.


As of the update on 2021-06-08.1 …

Namely: “Corporations can now join Faction Warfare without a server restart (24 hour timer).” (an issue my Corp had hardly ever encountered when enlisting) when enlisting the Corp, the automatic message would come up stating “Fighting may begin within 24 hours.” . We would return after Downtime to find we were not yet enlisted. It would take 2-3 full Downtimes between enlisting the Corp until we would finally appear as enlisted in our Info Windows and sometimes gain access to Militia Chat. Except, we would not appear as Purple to Caldari Militia, we would not gain LP from plexing, and we would sometimes even become Suspect for sliding the gate. These results were inconsistent and somewhat arbitrary (some happening while others didn’t) over several enlistments, but it was definitely always a longer than 24 hour (usually closer to 72 hours or more) of waiting to be “enlisted” and another 24 hours (often more) of not actually being fully enlisted, until the Corp could fully partake of Factional Warfare.
A reply I made to the issue can be found here:

As this step in the Training Program was essential, but (and I can’t blame them) newer players would rather not sit idly by for +/- 4 days while being shot at by “Allies”, High-Sec being plagued with War Targets, and no reward from Fac-War activities, the Training Program regressed and has been dedicated to helping New Capsuleers in other ways… until recently.


The newest relevant update with the Solo Fac-War Enlistment on 2023-03-14.1 …

Namely: “Direct Enlistment is now available. You are now able to join factional warfare militias as an individual without leaving your corporation. … There is a 24 hour cooldown when un-enlisted before you can directly enlist again.”
After this update, I have tested several times enlisting and retiring myself, These enlistments have happened immediately on every occasion (besides a time a relog helped), and retirements as well.
The moment I enlist, I gain access to Militia, Militia sees me as Purple, I gain LP for capturing Complexes (basically I have been having a blast).
Hoping the issues with Corp Enlistment were somehow addressed, and I might reinstate the Training Program to be what it once was and more so, I have recently Enlisted my Corp as a test.
As of now, it has been over 24 hours, and thus also a Downtime, since the message stating “Fighting may begin within 24 hours.”. I have no other members in the Corp besides 2 Alts who hardly ever come online (and not as of well before enlisting the Corp), I have logged off and back on a few times whilst closing the Launcher in between, and I am beginning to think that “within 24 hours” translates differently into Icelandic. (I mean no offense, just letting of some steam and being mean to make a point.)

Please note, the date is now 2023.09.08 (when the following images were taken)
Automated Message:

Corp Info Window not displaying enlistment in war:

No “At War” timer at top left:

Indeed as mentioned in the ISD response to another post @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras shared below:

It would seem the current text of: “Fighting may begin within 24 hours.” is errant and has been neglected instead of more accurately stating “within 48 hours”.
The Corp is indeed enlisted as of this edit (date and time seen in image below):

The enlistment seems to have successfully taken full effect after 2 DownTime wait period from when the Corp applied to Enlist.


I understand that it is unusual for Corps to Enlist and Retire frequently (once every 5-7 weeks), and Corps which Enlist or Retire would most likely remain so for longer than this could constitute as substantial an issue as it is in my Corp’s specific situation, but is this an issue for ANYONE else? I have discussed this with many in the community in-game, and from my reply above, but it seems there is no traction for this issue.
If anyone has this issue, please speak up.

In Short:
Corp Factional Warfare Enlistment requires a more accurate description than “Fighting may begin within 24 hours.” and preferably be fixed to how it was when enlistment would happen immediately after DownTime before the Update claiming it was “fixed” came out stating "Corporations can now join Faction Warfare without a server restart (24 hour timer)..

Thank you, regrettably I cannot mark this as a Solution as the issue remains and the ISD here indirectly reaffirms that the “Fighting may begin within 24 hours.” text is inaccurate and should be updated to state “Fighting may begin within 48 hours.”.
We know this wouldn’t be the first time essential text descriptions are errant, inaccurate, and yet neglected (for such a long time).
Also, the wording of the last relevant update linked above is:
“Corporations can now join Faction Warfare without a server restart (24 hour timer).”
CCPlease make the change needed to more accurately depict when a Corp may expect to be enlisted.

@Dace_Cadcan you can submit a bug report in game (F12->Bug Report) from the player/corp that experiencing this issue, along with the discrepancy in text you’re mentioning here so it can get routed to the right developers.

Thank you. Will do.
I suppose the previous 3 Bug Reports over the past 3 years were misplaced.
1 Report per year as I have been doing, or should it be every time I enlist?
Edit: Sorry. I am being mean. Patience is running thin. Thank you for your response.

Perhaps your corp can have the candidate members individually enlist

True, and that has been considered, but the Corp enlistment is part of the Training Program.
This subjects the Trainees to war in a more organized fashion and prevents Trainees from attempting to sit out the war. Often some will state that they “don’t want/like to PvP”, which undermines the entirety of the Program. If you know how a PvPer thinks, you know better how to avoid them. If you know what a Miner does, you can better gank them. etc. The Training Program subjects Trainees to a very wide range of game mechanics and activities at a more personal level, and Graduates time and time again contact me from their new home mentioning that although they don’t personally engage in certain activities, having done them in the Program placed them at an upper hand when faced with those who do.

I didn’t intend to rant about my Corp’s goal. Anyone can Search New Eden for NETOS and see it all there, simply explain why Solo Enlistment is not a good option for that stage of the Program and this thread is intended to bring attention to the 3 year long neglected issue of Corps not being able to “join Faction Warfare without a server restart (24 hour timer)” and a workaround is hardly a way to correct this.

I would like to bring attention to my stupid oversight, and let any reading this know that no amount of facepalms will repair the waste of time in writing and reading this post.
Since composing this post, I have had EVE News open and have been dedicating time in searching for any Updates I may have missed (while hoping someone would point it out before I did and save me the time in searching).

In the Update on 2022-11-22.1 :

it states:
“Fixed an issue with joining Factional Warfare so that Corporations and Alliances joining wait 24 hours from applying, and then until the next downtime, to be fully enrolled.”

In fact, a Corp (or Alliance) should be fully enlisted at the end of the second DownTime after enlisting.

Feel free to barrage me with the insults I may deserve for wasting your time.

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Nah. More about you learning and sharing

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