Issues while trying to join FW

I have enlisted my corp for Factional warfare, but after 1 day and 7 hours, nothing is happening. The only thing I can see is “Withdraw application” button in the FW window The corporation has +3.61 standings with the faction.

Are there any extra steps which I should take, or is this a bug/server glitch? I’ve checked “Sanctionable actions” in the Corp window and it’s empty.

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It takes 2 downtime cycles for a corporation to fully become apart of faction warfare. Give it another day and let us know if still an issue.


Resolved after second downtime. Thank you for the info.

Regrettably this is not a solution.
The current automated text received when enlisting a Corp into Fac-War is:
“Fighting may begin within 24 hours.”
instead of more accurately stating:
“Fighting may begin within 48 hours.”

Also, the wording of the last relevant update on 2021-06-08.1 is:
“Corporations can now join Faction Warfare without a server restart (24 hour timer).”


I have detailed my experiences with enlistment and retirement and the issues which only began when the Update claiming to “fix” the issues was released in my post below:

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