Delay when enlisting corporation in faction warfare

It took 2 downtimes after enlisting my corp in FW before I was finally able to capture sites. Before it would just stay at “contested”. Not intuitive at all if this is a feature and not a bug.

so you enlist then you have 24 hours before you are accepted into fw. The game then needs to enter a down time to fully cycle you into effect.

the 24 hours is there to give your corp at least that long to be notified of the changes by the game and leave/put things in order. so that is an intended feature. then like most major changes in eve DT is required. This is probably not the desired way but rather one that is forced do to how the system is built

But I was still at war I just couldn’t capture sites. Why does it take 2 downtimes to allow it?

I don’t think anyone can answer your question definitively. We can only guess, but the 24 hour notice accounts for one.

Wars are a standard feature that we know can be initiated at any time, and can take effect without a downtime, so it is not unusual for the enlistment’s ‘at war’ features to activate as normal after 24 hours exactly.

The capturing of sites, though, could require extra setup that can only take place during downtime. If this is the case, there are only two reasonable choices for which downtime. Either the first downtime after someone signs up for FW, or the first downtime after the enlistment takes effect, which seems to be the case now.

If CCP switched to the first downtime after enlistment, before the war goes live, people in the enlisting corporation or alliance could go about capturing sites. People who contest those sites could generate sec status penalties that an active war would prevent.

Of course, this is speculation on my part. Only the developers responsible for the decision really know why they decided to do things this way.

It takes 24hrs +1 DT to fully enter FW.

Like I said the devs decided corps/ alliances needed to have a 24hr notice to joining the war. Then once you have the game requires a DT for several of the mechanics to take effect.

I don’t know why it needs down time. I just know it’s not unique in needed it.

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