War Issues

I made a corporation and the mistake of enlisting us into faction wars. I retired a day later about 6 hours ago and it still says we’re at war. How do I leave?

Give it 24 hours?

Yep, give it 24 hours. Change in war status is never instant to prevent abuse.

Keep your head down until it expires, keep an eye on local. Just be aware of the risks. You’ll be fine.

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Thank y’all! My company is just some friends and me who are all new to the game and we were freaking out that we couldn’t leave war. May your sailing be profitable 07

By Grabthar’s Hammer: Never give up! Never surrender!

No boom today.
Boom tomorrow.
There’s always a boom tomorrow.

Seriously though, good luck - hopefully you are all enjoying Eve. It’s a deep and complex world and it’s always good to see people forging their niche in it.

Feel free to ask questions here or reach out in game.
Eve has a reputation for ruthlessness, what is less talked about are the moments of joy and kindness.

Why mistake, you probably were on the path to fun?

To answer that we didn’t know you had to enlist so we just sailed off to the Amaar Republic and tried fighting people. It was there we found out you needed to enlist, and so we did. That’s when we realized that being part of the Minmitar didn’t mean you enlisted with them. So now our corporation of two people who just started playing, couldn’t return home without getting blasted. It was a mess.

I assume your Faction Warfare status dropped OK?
Yep, that would be a mess: wrong side of the warzone on the stone side of the war.

Still, as always in Eve - you learnt something and have a story to tell.

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Yeah it dropped this morning. Will be a while before we have the numbers and gear to enlist but when we do it’s gonna be fun. Thank so much for the help and advice!

If you do wish to get involved in the Amarr/Minmatar warzone then ping me when you are ready. I’ve got good contacts on the Amarr side and can point you to some of the big groups on the Minmatar side if you want to resist the will of God…

Fly safe and enjoy New Eden.

Fly safe o7

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