Can I delist from Factional Warfare?

I’m very new to eve and I was checking out factional warfare. The question is simple, can I delist from factional warfare if I find out that I’m not ready for it yet. Because I remember this one time, I was looking for “adventures” and went to the Angel Cartel HQ and they destroyed me in seconds.

You can sign up for and drop out of Faction Warfare. I’ve never done this, though, so there may be delays. I think solo pilots join an NPC faction warfare corporation, in which case your enlistment or delistment will probably be near instant. If you sign up as a corporation or alliance, however, there will be a delay, I am pretty sure.

Also, effects like standings loss will be permanent once you incur them with a particular faction. Someone with more experience will hopefully be along to provide more authoritative information, but I am certain you can drop out of Faction Warfare in at most a day or so no matter your situation.

The Eve-Uni article has a good explanation on leaving:

And an overall, more or less current state of FW is worth a read also:


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