Old Veteran returned to eve need some small help

Hi guys,

Im direktor of mine corp and i want to sign in our corp to Factional warfare. All our members are not playing anymore but i want to join amar factional warfare as a corp and it says i have low standings as a corp with amar. How do i solo raise amar standings towards our corp? How much do u need to have to join as a corp we currently have 0,46 ?

Is there a way to remove CEO rights from Inactive player? Do i need CEO to join factional warfare? If i dont need him than i dont need to remove his rights.


If none of the other members are playing anymore, why are you even there? Get out, start your own corp. Boom…you’re the CEO.


I kicked out some members that had low standings with amarr and in 24 hours ill be able to join.
I dont want new corp we have so much stuff and perfect home :slight_smile:

I know you would be aware that apposing navies will attack you in Highsec. However (dunno if it is still the case) people are able to tank these Navy and kill people on the apposite Navy that think they are safe traveling through hisec.

Have fun :slight_smile:

A mining corp engaging in FW? Am I being thick or does that make no sense?..

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