Navy Rank and Fraction Warfare

Hey guys,

while my account is pretty old already, I never really got into EVE. Pretty weird for beginners. That new Agency kind of gave me an assistance, so I decided to try the game once again.

So far so good, I am enjoying it. However, I’ve seen that I do have an assigned rank of the Caldari State. At this moment I am “Protectorate Ensign”, so basically a newcomer. How to rank up in that System? What kind of missions do I have to run and how to rank up?

I also thought about joining the Fraction Warfare, in order to get some LP and Standings towards the Caldari. Do I benefit from these standings, besides of a bit lower taxrates/service prices?

Thanks in advice.


Sooooo… a couple things here:

  • Standings to factions do matter… to a degree.
    – Running missions for a specific NPC corporation (ex. Lai Dai, Ishukone, etc) will increase your standings with that specific corporation and slightly increase any “secondary standings” (see: any NPC group that has “favorable” standings with that NPC corp).
    Since most Caldari NPC corporations have “favorable” standings in the Caldari state, running missions for any Caldari NPC corporation will increase Caldari standings.
    – Note that the opposite happens with NPC factions that have an “unfavorable” standing with the NPC corporation you are running missions for (but to a lesser degree).
    – All standings can be repaired, but it takes time and effort.

  • Higher standings with NPC corporations means…
    – access to more and higher level missions that pay out a little more (note: you may have to travel to different systems to find better mission agents).
    – lower taxes when buying/selling things within that particular NPC corp/faction station.

  • Your “rank” within NPC corporations has about the same weight as a “gold sticker.” Nice to have, but it doesn’t really mean anything.
    If you are into Role Play then it can be a goal you work towards. :slight_smile:

  • Faction Warfare is a bit more than “join and shoot NPCs.”
    – It is a GLOBAL war declaration between players who choose a different side (Caldari and Amarr militias vs Gallente and Minmatar militias).
    – It opens you up to attack anywhere in the game to those who have joined the opposing side (see: almost all of the “content” is in low-security systems (0.4 to 0.1 space), but that does not mean some determined players can’t stage a raid into “enemy” high-security systems and blow you up while you are shopping).
    – The Loyalty Point gains from Faction Warfare complexes can be lucrative… and the missions more so. But the gameplay is mostly centered around getting players to fight each other.
    Complexes can be entered by anyone (be thay in Faction Warfare or not) and your missions can be “seen” by everyone in a particular star system.

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Thank you for your detailed response.

Sad that this rank within the Caldari State is useless. I thought you would benefit from it somehow. Anyway I’d still like to go for it, because it’s nice to have on my profile.

How to rank up? Sorry if I missed that answer. Is it just by doing Missions for that corp, increasing my standing, as you mentioned?


Your rank is in the State Protectorate, which is the militia for the Caldari State. To improve the rank, you will have to join faction warfare and participate. The rank is a reflection of your standings with the militia and increase through taking FW missions and also combat with other, opposing militias (the Federal Defence Union).

You benefit by collecting the Loyalty Points from these actions as well as the standing increases.

Note that you will be freely attackable by the opposition militias though the benefit of being in the State Protectorate is that you will still have access to Jita - just be very careful and make sure you have bookmarks for instant docking and undocking.


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