NPC Faction Standing and Corporation Effect

Hey, I’ve come across a equation/issue I can’t figure out, Maybe somebody can help?

I’ve created a New Corporation. My Personal Standings take affect towards the overall Corp Value in 7 Days. My Standing with the Amarr Empire is -9.48 without Diplomacy.

My Question is what will my overall standing be at Diplomacy V with a Standing of -10 ?

Will my other Corporation members Suffer the same fate as me and be locked from Amarr Empire regardless of there personal Standing? If the Corporation Standing is Below -5 but not part of Faction Warfare, will they still be locked out from Amarr Empire?

I understand I can raise this value with Dog Tags and Circle Missions.
I’m also aware that the corporation value is based off an Average of all of my members (excluding those with 0.0 standing)

My Current Solutions

  • Train Diplo V and Hand in Dog Tag’s / Run the Circle.
  • Create an Amarr Alt and raise there Standings and Apply to Corp

Thank you. o7

I’m pretty sure player corp standings are basically irrelevant now but I’m also confident @Archer_en_Tilavine could give a complete and accurate answer.

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As far as I have seen noted, player corp standings with NPC factions are used to govern faction warfare eligibility and nothing else. The other uses seem to have all been deprecated over time. You could always test this on Sisi first, though.

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I’ve been summoned! :confetti_ball: Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here.

CCP publishes their standing gains formulas on their Standings support article on their website. I’ve already written a calculator for this for use with USIA: -9.48 (est.) Base w/ Diplomacy L5 = -5.584. (Note EVE actually tracks standings to four decimal places, so the value you see in-game is rounded and the final value may be slightly off by a hair.)

There are a few options for boosting your faction standings. The main methods:

  • Hit up COSMOS/Datacenter agents (reference The Plan by DMC).
  • Blitz L1 missions to rapidly generate storyline missions, each storyline mission would boost your faction standing. One of the better ways would be to take an exploration frigate (T1 or Astero is fine), give it a combination of cargo expander + agility mods/rigs, and have it do two (possibly three) L1 distribution missions at a time (find an Amarr faction station containing two or more L1 distribution agents). Yes, such stations exist outside of Amarr space if you don’t want to be harassed by facpo.

You only need to rise above -5 to stop being harassed by facpo. If you rise above -2, you’ll have access to the epic arcs (which give you nice faction boosts and rewards) + higher level missions (with their higher level storylines) as well. Also note that it is in fact possible to have positive standings with all factions simultaneously: USIA has written a guide on how to accomplish that (I have more content to add to the guide and could probably break it down into smaller guides, but there’s a lot in there already). If you have any additional questions or would like any more advice and guidance (we don’t charge for that :slight_smile: ), pay us a visit on the USIA Discord server and have a chat with us.

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Diplomacy level 5 will raise -10.0 Faction standing up to -6.00 standing.

No, all NPC Factions, Corporations and Agents only look at personal standings modified by Social skills. The only time your player Corp standings would be used is when the player Corp enlists into Faction Warfare.

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Thank you everyone for your Awesome replies, In this Case Dust Cartel [.III7] Is Open and we are recruiting all NewBros and Vet’s for Officer Roles

Thank you for your Help!

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