Building NPC Corporation Standings

I’ve long been a fan of the original Standings Repair plans posted and maintained by @DeMichael_Crimson and have ofen pointed people towards them, however I think that there’s a method that a lot of people might want to try in order to build good standings with selected NPC Corps or Agents. I’m not as eloquent or detailled as DeMichael when it comes to laying out the guide, so this is simply a basic idea for people to read and expand upon.
This will repair or build NPC corporation and agent standings, but will possibly not affect the overall faction standings. DeMichael’s guide is still by far the most comprehensive guide to doing this.

A good guide on what the different standings are and how they affect your gameplay is offerred on the Eve Uni Wiki -

We used to do this in NPC nul sec to build standings with Pirate Corporations to get access to their LP stores etc. This sounds a lot more long winded than it actually is, in reality it takes a few seconds to do, and it works.

Firstly you need to have a second account. On this account you set up a new character who has 0 standings with every faction. Train up the social skills for agent interaction on this character, no need for anything else as this guy is simply going to accept missions for you and build up good standings.

This character now goes and accepts the missions that you want to run. Your main character is the one who actually runs them, hence no need for any other skills.
Create a fleet with your mission accepting character then let him fly to the mission site\gate, warp to him (or make him squad boss and use fleet warp). He then warps off or you can ignore him and accept the possible rookie ship loss, either way, doesn’t matter.
Main character runs mission and collects any mission objective items and takes them back to the mission accepting character.

The accepting charater now turns in the mission. To share the standings increase (and thus help out the main character) you need to accept the request when turning in the mission to share standings and rewards. You’ll blitz through the low level missions pretty quickly and see your standings to the various NPC Corps rise.

Things to remember:

  1. Character must be on another account as you need both to be in fleet together.
  2. You should use two Omega accounts as you cannot multibox Alpha and Omega accounts together.
  3. Mission accepting character doesn’t need any ship or combat skills to accept missions, so no need to train anything else. All he needs is access to a rookie ship and you can transfer any mission rewards etc or use him as a little isk bank for a rainy day.
  4. You could set up several charaters to do this, one for each faction if you wished so there would always be one available for you to use where ever you go.
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Faction standing is not shared, but only corp standing iirc, hence this will not work in order to repair faction standing.


Thanks for pointing that out.
I was always under the impression that as you increased standings with various corps then the faction standing slowly followed too. Looks like maybe I was wrong.
I’ll amend the original post to say Corp Standings instead of Faction, thanks!

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Hi, your idea is actually a quick way for a new character to gain Corp and or Agent standing by working in conjunction with an established character.

Established character has access to level 4 agent and fleets with new character. Established character accepts and completes mission and share’s rewards with new character who gains Corp and Agent standing without actually firing a shot. Rinse and repeat those steps until new character gains access to lv 4 agent.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment. It’s great to see players thinking of different ways to help capsuleers play Eve.

Indeed, can be used both ways.
I wrote it after answering a question from a guy on the in game help channel regarding building standings with corps he had lost access to after losing standings by running missions for another faction.

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faction standing is shared from epic arcs. (Just pointing out in some cases it is)

I think this is a myth, proof?

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What do you mean “proof” ?

You want that proof you get it.

Just for explanation : use an alt and make him do the blood stained star.
This should take you less than 3h to do. And you will have your proof.

This is 100% correct.

A couple years ago there was a bug associated with the Epic Arcs allowing Faction Standing increase to be shared but CCP supposedly corrected that.

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