I don't Get Standings

Standings seem simple enough. Go below -2 and no one wants to talk to you. Get it higher and you get better missions. Agents like it when you do their missions. Agents don’t like it when you decline missions. Agents are part of corporations. Corporations like it when you do their agents’ missions. Agents can get new missions over time.

So I did some missions for Hedion University’s agents. But then their agents didn’t offer any missions after the tutorial ones. So it seems there is no way for me to interact with HU agents.

OK, let’s try something different. There is a distribution agent in the Klaalakitoa Corporation. The agent has a distribution mission (which is a part one out of three for some reason). Why this takes 470 mm of cargo space, I don’t know. I finished it. Yay! So I got some ISK, LP, standings with the agent, standings with his corp and… hey why didn’t I get any standings with the Caldari State? It’s one of their corporations. Maybe Empires don’t care about distribution missions and only care about security ones? I don’t get it.

You get faction standings when you do storyline missions. Every 16 missions you do for a faction, and level, you get a storyline mission. Those give you faction standings. However, you can also take a hit to standings for other factions. Example, after you do 16 distribution missions, you’ll get a storyline. If you do the storyline, you will gain negative standings with gallente or another faction.

Actions have consequences. Another set of missions, when you can do level 4, are epic arcs. Those give little negative standings, but major faction standings compared to storyline missions.

However, one epic arc you can do right now, and should, is the sister’s of eve epic arc.

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This is my fit

[Tormentor, TiberianSun371AlexW’s Tormentor]
Overdrive Injector System I
Damage Control I
100mm Crystalline Carbonide Restrained Plates
Thermal Energized Membrane I

1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
AML Compact Omnidirectional Tracking Link

Small Focused Anode Particle Stream I
Small Focused Anode Particle Stream I
Small Focused Anode Particle Stream I

Small Energy Collision Accelerator I
Small Explosive Armor Reinforcer I

Acolyte I x2
‘Integrated’ Hornet x1

Standard S x3

Think I can do an Epic arc with this>

Frigate, no.

If you did all the career agent missions, you should have received a destroyer class ship. That’s a minimum of what you’ll need to run the arc.

I probably should have trained how to use that thing eh?

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This guide will give you all the information you need to understand the standings:


In terms of your particular situation, the things to keep in mind are that ideally you pick a specific corporation and work with them over time, as standings grow much faster within a corporation (and fastest of all with a specific agent).

You can use the agent finder in game or on Dotlan to find agents of a specific corp at the different levels, e.g. this is a corp I wanted to gain standing with because it exists in my home system: Garoun Investment Bank - Agents - DOTLAN :: EveMaps

Yeah I read it, that’s why I knew some of the basics, but I thought that while faction standings weren’t dirtectly affected by normal missions, it would be by derived standings from normal missions

no. Only storyline.

Detail wrinkles - it wouldn’t be Eve if it wasn’t.

There are missions where you shoot the ships of another Empire - for example Amarrian missions often have you facing off against Gallente or Minmatar ships. This gives a standing reduction against those groups.
It’s worth keeping an eye on - and either trying to prevent it becoming a problem for you, or accepting that some areas may become awkward to operate in.

If you are still around the Domain/Hedion area there is a nice cluster of Theology Council security agents around Amarr and Ashab - indeed, there are level 1,2 and 3 agents in one station in Penirgman. All rather handy.

The Tormentor fit you shared:
Try it out on Level 1 security missions before heading into the SoE arc. That will give you a feeling for how effective it is.
Armour mission ships are normally actively tanked - you can run a buffer fit, but sometimes you just need the time a repairer will give you.
Cap stability isn’t important: you don’t need to run everything at once - you can always turn the afterburner off for a bit, or pulse the repairer (repairing more than you need is a waste).
Likewise, yes, Standard crystals are the lowest capacitor usage, but Multifrequency do a lot more damage. Making the enemy go away quicker does reduce the damage you need to absorb and the number of shot your weapons fire.
Swap the overdrive for a Heat Sink for more DPS. You are trying to kill the target not zoom around them like a dervish with a tickle stick!

As you started in Hedion I’ll reach out to you in game when I next see you online if you wish. I’m still in that starting corp myself.

You will not have a normal mission affect your standings with the faction you are running. However, there are some L3 and L4 normal missions that affect the faction standing of who you are running against.

If you are not using it, I suggest eve uni wiki for mission reports, or eve survival guide. Either of those will explain in what missions faction loss happen.

Best advice to avoid negative faction standings against other empires(if that is your goal) is to not run a mission involving another empire faction and do not run storyline.

To raise your faction standings without storyline, you can run COSMOS, or Epic Arcs

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