Standings changes when you do missions

Hi all,

I just got done with a couple of days of doing career missions with another faction - my standings with them were almost -3 and I want to be able to travel through their systems without getting attacked.

So I did it and it wasn’t that bad, I learned how to do the tasks better and easier. However, why did I have to do it at all?

If I now go back doing the L4 security missions I was enjoying before, I will just screw up my standings with them again and this time I won’t have any career missions to do…it took me that many agents to get standings back slightly over 0.0.

My question is:

Why are the missions set up so that you can’t get good standings with all factions? I guess I’m stuck not doing missions any more, although I had several factions at almost 8.0 and was able to do L5 missions with them - not any more, after doing the career missions, I’m almost down to 6 now.

It just seems to be counter-productive and I WAS having fun doing the L4’s.

Anybody have an explanation why this weird situation exists? Is it to force people out of PvE and into PvP? I guess I could do an L4 mission and then travel to another faction territory and do another and continue in a round robin so I’d never have low standings with anybody - but that seems pointless, as standings would always be mediocre with all.


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The ones with the answers on that is CCP and they ain’t sayin’ much.
What I do is do missions for my faction only and use alts to do missions for other factions, that way each of my characters have good standing with each of the factions and I work things around like that with contracting back and forth between them so only my main travels far away from her home station while the others pretty much stay within their factions space.

That’s an interesting way of handling it…

…but I’m afraid I don’t have alts on my account; I have a hard enough time playing just one character lol. Do you use the multiple-character skill thing? Only the active character has the skill ticker going, right?


maybe its something about making a choice and choosing a side. if you fight for one side in a war dont be surprised if the other side are not pleased with you killing their troops. Actions have consequences.


Some months I do and other times I don’t. It depends what I want to do and where I want to do it at. If I want an alt to train into something but I need my main to continue training into a ship for example then I’ll get the multiple characters training, otherwise I shut off the main’s training queue for a few days or couple weeks while an alt gets his/her training. It’s a bit of juggling but I like the planning and the restrictions, it’s all part of the game.

You can get good standing with all factions and corps, it just takes a while. I have a toon that has only positive standing with 19 factions and 150 NPC corps. It can be done. Just take distribution, mining, and if you have to do combat turn down any where you have to kill opposing factions. Only take combat missions against mercenaries and rogue drones.

Do the SOE Epic Arc every 90 days. Turn down storyline missions as those will incur negative derived standings against opposing factions.


I’m on mobile and off-site links are a pain, but check out @DeMichael_Crimson 's FACTION STANDING REPAIR PLAN aka ‘The Plan’ thread and associated resources; it is entirely possible to mission and stay positive across all factions (even pirates). Easy? No. Possible? Yes.

A significant part is understanding what actions cause standing losses and minimizing those actions against factions you want to preserve.


Well, first off this thread should have been posted in this PvE sub-forum:

And if you had actually done that, you would have seen this thread:

‘The Plan’ has proven itself multiple times in helping countless Capsuleers repair negative Faction standings as well as boost positive Faction standings. It can be worked in segments and is easily customized to fit each Capsuleers specific situation. All the options in it are still as viable today as they were when ‘The Plan’ was first created over 11 years ago.

@Mkikaden_Tiragen Thanks for linking ‘The Plan’. And yes, it’s easy to gain and maintain high standings with all Empire Factions. However, getting the Pirate Factions to be positive as well is the difficult part.


I appreciate the link to The Plan and I find I’m already following it, for the most part. I’m positive with all factions after my sojourn into the unfriendly spaces to do career agents - that worked. But, for now, I feel that I’m handcuffed, as the mission-running is a lose-lose situation, no matter which faction you do the missions for. I.e., what is the point, if I can’t get my standing up above 7.0 for L5 missions on one faction without losing out on another?

Anyway, thanks for the advice - now, if we can get back to original question:

Why do CCP plan it out this way? There’s GOT to be a reason.


You’re not handcuffed and ‘The Plan’ has way more options for repairing and or boosting Faction standings than just the Career Agents. Also it’s easy to gain and maintain the main Empire Factions above +7.00 standing for access to level 5 missions.

After gaining high positive standings with all Empire Factions, the best way to maintain those positive standings is to decline all Anti-Empire encounter missions. Also decline Storyline missions as well, then you’ll never have to worry about repairing negative Faction standings again.

As for CCP, all the info and options to gain positive standings with all Empire Factions was hidden away in New Eden, waiting for us Capsuleers to find and make use of it. Some of us Capsuleers searched high and low, even null, to find and document those options.

What you do with that info is up to you. In Eve, your choices have consequences.


This, I think, is the exact point.


make sure your social skills are up in all areas like social, connections, criminal connections, diplomacy… etc… those can help with the standings.

There are some missions to avoid, like “Enemies Abound” and avoid storyline missions.

running the Epic Arcs can help as well with each one, even just running the SOE epic arc, every few months you can change which empire you want to go after.

There is a way also to permanently unlock the epic arcs in case something happens and you drop below 5.00 effective for faction.

Other than that, following along with DMC’s plan and his advice, should help keep you above for all 4… My supervisor Imiarr Timshae is positive to all 4 and can do L4’s for all 4 if im not mistaken.


You don’t have the proper social skills. It’s very possible to get above 5.0 standings on every high sec faction with the right social skills because it makes it where the loss to the opposing faction is halved unless you’re doing missions that give you standing loss for ship kills. Just run missions for the opposite faction until you get a storyline to counter the effects of the one you just did. Train up all those social skills and simply go back and forth.

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Says the guy who all he does is pod people. Giving advice for an activity you don’t even do.

Well, it’s pretty easy to maintain positive standings towards the four major empires as long as you don’t take missions killing their ships (which tend to be more lucrative than missions against unaffiliated mercenaries and drones).

That being said, I hate grinding standings. Yeah, you can argue that it’s about giving consequences to your choices, but these consequences are always reversible with more grinding, and developers implement it because it’s content padding. In fact, in games where there are unique rewards, players will just grind up their standings with one faction, get all the rewards, and then move on to the next. Ultimately, it’s just grind for the sake of grind, and I hate it. It is not quality content, and encourage devs to rely on it as little as possible.
No P2W

A good way to avoid this happening is to primarily run missions for the Sisters of EvE, since they’ll boost most of your standings, and only very slowly affect the rest.

Then you just have to occasionally run a couple Amarr/Caldari aligned missions to keep all faction standing equally high.

Alternatively, try to get some favorite agents on opposite sides: Caldari/Amarr boost all standings on their side and lower Minmatar/Gallente, and vice versa, so as long as you can find at least a couple agents on both sides you can simply clone-jump between areas and run missions for the other side for a while.

Also, as an additional tip: Standing losses aren’t all equal, what causes the most standing losses aren’t the faction missions every 16 normal missions, it’s normal missions pitting you against naval forces of the enemy side: Caldari e.g. don’t like it if you shoot Caldari ships in a mission.

You don’t even have to avoid those naval missions completely: Just remember to not take one once in a while, and soon you’ll be able to boost all your standings higher and higher!

Last thing: Low faction standing only prevents you from running higher agents if it’s too low. So e.g. your level 5 agents? As long as they belong to a corp, you can just run missions for that corp until the corp faction is high enough to run them. Then the occasional dip in faction standing won’t affect you.

Essentially, turn the grind into your normal game play, laugh in CCP’s face, profit.

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OP, when it comes to mission running…you do not necessarily require Faction standings…just the corp standings for the missions you want to run.

So, do not do any Faction missions (ie Enemies Abound) or the story line missions you get every 16 missions.

It is really that simple once you have your standings fixed that is.
And if you want a character with positive faction for all Empires…grind the SOE Epic Arc…you can do it i think like 4 times a year.

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what makes you think i only pod people ?, sometimes i also explode their ship first before podding them.


LOL… That’s a very varied kind of playstyle you got there. No risks of getting bored, right?

When my ship gets blown up I just sit there in my pod and hope to get podded as well, saves me the trip back home and it adds to the realism.
I think CCP should make it so that when the ship blows up the pod goes up as well. I don’t see how such catastrophic rapid disassemblies can spare a little o’ pod. I’ve pm’ed a couple of gankers asking them to pod me but so far only one complied.

Basically its because of this

If Green and Purple are at war and you accept missions for Green you should not be surprised that Purple doesn’t think much of you, you are after all aiding their enemy.

Its not that hard to understand.