Standings changes when you do missions

I wonder when we’re going to apply that to people in real life who do this to different nations.


Just avoid the missions against other factions and then ka-ching, you can do level 4 missions again.

Just run SoE missions, you rarely have to shoot empire factions and when you do you can decline a mission for free every 4 hours and once you get your standings high enough it won’t even really matter if you decline 2 in a row

I appreciate all the great advice and suggestions - sorry, I’ve been in hospital for a few days and just caught up.

Currently, I am good with everyone, thanks to running the career agents in all the hubs for the faction I was -2.2 in and I got back to 0 but, of course, lowered my 8’s down below 7 by doing it - I’m only interested in being able to travel through their space at will anyway. I don’t believe the missions there would be much different, if any, from the missions in my space, anyway.

I still don’t recognize when a mission is against another faction’s ships every time - either it doesn’t say pirates/factions explicitly or I’m just not picking up the clues. I guess I can probably find all that info in a table somewhere, listing the missions not to take - I do have fun on the L4’s solo, it’s a pretty good challenge, depending on how you approach the battles.

I AM high in SOE - 9.52 SOE Corp - what happens when you get to 10, if you can? Do the standings still accrue to SOE Faction?


Nothing, your standings sheet just looks neat.

It’s been a long time since I last ran missions but if I remember correctly there should be a Faction logo in the mission briefing which will show an info box on that Faction when clicked.

Yep, instead of the pirate logo, it’ll be a faction logo. Also wise would be to read the eve survival guide before accepting to make sure that if something does incur standing loss like shooting a structure, that its not a significant loss to standings.


Yeah, Mission Reports is definitely a good resource for information including the notes/comments section of each page.