Faction missions are annoying

Got a mission that would give me negative standings with a faction I want so I declined it and re-applied for another one. I got another mission against the same faction. Just put this down to bad luck so I jump cloned to another mission running agent as I dont want to lose rep with the agent… Did a couple of missions before I got the mission against the faction I want to protect again followed by another mission against the same faction. Was a bit annoyed so logged off. Returned today after jump clone timer had expired, jumped back to main mission running agent to decline the mission and not get standing loss. Requested another mission and after declining a couple of burner missions I got the same mission vs the faction I dont want to lose standing in. I now have to either wait several hours or take the standing loss.

Firstly is there a suggestions board on theses forums as i cannot find it if there is. (if there is please move this post to relevant section)
Secondly the suggestion I make is let there be an option to not being offered a mission vs one of the 4 major factions from an agent. Why as a proud Amarr capsuler would I want to attack my own people and I have spent ages trying to get my Amarr and Agent standing pretty high.


I agree it would be nice if there were separate agents for faction agents.

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That would be awesome i’d run those, day and night instead of waiting for rng. Would make my life a lot easier.

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CCP doesn’t know how to monetize missions, so they are a very low development priority.


There are several ways to gain standing with a particular faction and not negatively affect other faction standings. The SOE Arc and other Epic Arcs are two ways of doing this. There are also Cosmos agents and Data Center agents. I have a toon that has only positive standing with 19 factions and 150 NPC corps. It can be done…

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They are one run only.

Eventually your only option is to rotate factions which is an inconvenience (or run interbus which has no LP store). An inconvenience that occurs faster if you run these faction missions. So quite a few people avoid them.

Completing missions for Cosmos Agents and Data Center Agents will incur negative standings towards the other Factions.

Also completing Level 3 and Level 4 Epic Arcs will incur some small negative standing hits for ship kill. However the amount of positive standing gained for completing them is far greater than the negative standing hits.

But yeah, if done right a player can easily gain positive standings with all Empire Factions.

Epic Arcs can be completed every 90 days.

The last time I was doing level 4’s I ended up with this exact same issue, I just gave up on missions. And it seemed so much worse than it used to be too, it almost seemed to be programmed in to give you the mission types that you declined.

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I can help.

Sell a ‘Persuasion’-charm implant. With this implant in your active clone, agents will let you choose your favorite mission from all available missions.

All I request is 10% in royalties for this idea.

Well, I agree that this should be changed, but I doubt anything will happen any time soon. So, I suggest just taking the standing hit, as you’ll be able to make it back without too much issue. I don’t know how many missions you can decline before it becomes an issue, but I know mission blitzers decline A LOT of missions.

Maybe someone like @Anderson_Geten, @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras, or @DeMichael_Crimson could tell you more.

Most of them also carry the highest mission rewards. So when I did missions, I preferred the faction ones. Like many things in eve there is a tradeoff. You don’t want to commit to a faction and their friends, you don’t get the best rewards from that faction.

thanks for the shout out Faction standing loss when mass declining missions is very minimal.
-0.001 faction loss per mission that you decline after the initial.

Enemies abound is really the big non storyline mission you want to avoid if you care about your faction standings toward gallente.

If you care about your amarr standings, then you need to run missions for either Caldari or Amarr to prevent from hurting the standings towards them.

Also you can move your own topic… You can either move this to PVE section or the player feature and idea section that was mentioned.

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Barbados slim I love that guy



I can’t belive this post . And the sadest thing is that all this rage atm vs EVE is sumerised in this post. At some point ppl want to be spoon fed by CCP and thats numero uno problem in eve atm.

EVE doesnt deserve us players anymore, we are not eve players anymore.


I have no problem with them being more rewarding and i have no problem with missing out on that reward. I have a problem with not being able to opt out of such missions being in my RNG pool and being unable to skip them without being punished by the space gods (unlike with burners).

So what I’m asking for is either give us agents with an RNG pool that does not include faction missions or to be able to skip faction missions with no standing loss.

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Years and years ago I use to run a lot of missions…

I’m sure there will be those who will disagree with me but this is my opinion based on my own experience. Back when I was running missions, I would decline all Anti-Empire missions. Eventually after I had built up high standing with the Agent, I noticed that the Agent would offer me more and more of the same Anti-Pirate missions that I had previously accepted and completed. Thus eventually almost all of my mission offers were Anti-Pirate. Also the mission location kept getting closer to the Agent, eventually the location was either in the same system or just one jump over.

So all I can say is work 2 or 3 Agents at the same time to always have an option of hopefully getting the mission types you’re looking for. Eventually with high Agent standing, you should get more offers of the mission type you want.

I never really checked it out but I did have a theory that the type of NPC Corp might have something to do with it, such as Agents in a Military based Corp may offer more Anti-Empire missions whereas a Civilian based Corp may offer more Anti-Pirate missions. But like I said, that’s just a theory… CCP has never released info on how they’ve set up the algorithm for Agent’s or their mission pools.

Personally I think Level 3 missions are best for gaining standing since they can be completed rather quickly. If you’re looking to make max ISK, then do Level 4 missions…


wont count as standing loss…

i turned down over 200 mission without standing loss…
all of them were -0.001 hits