Storyline agents

I need to farm some standings and didn’t find an option to filter for Storyline agents yet, anyone knows? This is essential to pick the right agents and not waste the storyline mission to an agent of the wrong corp.

Just figures Storyline agents are not shown at all anymore, as they were not existing. That’s really bad.


Dotlan. Sadly and annoyingly we have to compensate for CCP’s coding incompetence (and management heinousness) with external tools.


Thanks, was not doing missions for a couple of years … now I slowly remember the drill. :wink:

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You can gain standing much more quickly from:

  • Data Centers

  • Cosmos Missions

  • Epic Arcs

Note also that any standing you get for a faction you get derived standing to other factions. So for instance when you get Gallente, you get some Minmatar and SOE.

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I’m looking for corp standing with specific corps to reduce tax rates. Dotlan solved my puzzle.


We used to have a really good Agent Finder, but for unknown reasons it had to be cut down to fit inside The Agency. Separately, I still miss choosing my own colors via RGB sliders.

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Just use this.


I used to be a big fan of the eve-agents finder tool, particularly before the Agent Finder. Now I use this though: . It has a couple of nice extras that has allowed me to drill down into the data to find mission hubs in a slightly more intuitive way than I was able to using the eve-agents site. You can also sort by multiple attributes more easily at once.

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Who are you running with? I have good standings with many, I wouldn’t mind running missions if you’re afk in station getting standing share.

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