Has there been an mission agent change?

Last time I play was 2011, now I log back to do some lvl4 missions, and all of the agents that I used to do mission with are not available to me.

But in my personal profile page, I see my standing with that NPC corporation is above 9 and my standing with that agent itself on my profile page is 9.75. But when I talked to that agent my effective standing is -3.0

I goes to my Agent Finder, and out of all of eve, there is only about 15 agents who’s mission is available to me, they are all located in low sec space, and all lvl5 missions.

Is this a bug or have I missed some change?

Are you sure you don’t have something up with your filters in the Agent Finder?

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There is no filter, and it still does not explain why I can’t do missions with that agent which I used to run with in 2011

post a screen shot of your agent finder. Seems very likely one of the settings in your filter choices is causing you problems.

There absolutely is.

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What is your faction standing despite having a positive corp standing faction standing override corp standing also your personal corp standing can affect it.

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