An issue with Agent's

So I was blitzing certain missions and accidentally ran into an issue where an agent’s personal standings hit below -2 while my corp and faction standing is much much higher. I have tried everything under the sun but cannot find a way to increase this agent’s standing because I am unable to accept any mission from her.

Is this agent 100% lost to me forever or is there a way to increase a single agent’s standing without actually running a mission with them? Also I have no alt so I can’t get an alt to accept a mission from her and share the reward with me.

What I have tried:
Running other agent’s of the same corp lvl 4’s and 3’s.
Finishing story lines.
Waiting in-case an agent’s standings slowly regenerate over time.

There are likely other ways to fix this situation, but remember when you’re looking for options to help with the game, there is a Markets forum with a Services section offering in-game services. (Presumably you have Diplomacy and relevant social skills maxed.)

In this case the relevant one might be:


Have another character accept a mission, complete it on your mission character, share the rewards.

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Ended up in that situation once. Had a guy share his reward with me for 1 mission. Compensated him for the trouble.

Don’t forget that this game is MMO


You should have lost all your faction and corp standings too for this act of treachery.

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I’m a 4month old char I can’t run all the missions only like 7 of them lol, no choice but to skip.
GG when the social booster ends next month.

Take the @ZY123 advice, anybody with L4 access can share with you and you will be golden in no time.

Now, now, stop harassing the lady from now on, will you?

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