Agent Standing dropped below -1.9

Lara Mesi (SoE agent in system X-7OMU) has a standing of -2.02 with me. What can I do to raise the standing at least 0.12 so she will give me missions again? I’ve run a couple missions from other agents of her corporation and completed a couple storyline missions for the SoE faction; still the standing didn’t even move a bit.


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You will need to have another character (on a different account) pull the missions from this agent, and then turn in the completed missions while in a fleet with your character who has bad standings. If you do not have 2 omega accounts to do this with, you will need the help of another player. While not a standard service they offer, I believe the USIA program can assist you with agent-specific standing correction. You can find their services thread here: :chart_with_upwards_trend: We Raise NPC Standings: Lower Broker/RELIST Fees ★ Access Epic Arcs + Mission/R&D Agents ★ And More!


Thank you so much, Mkkikaden!

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Since you were obviously a distrustful pirate and stabbed her in the back repeatedly why should you ever be allowed to work for her again?

Traitor scum should never be given redemption.

I’d agree with you if it weren’t for how high the agent penalty is for declining missions repeatedly (such as when skimming for Burners, or avoiding specific combat mission targets to reduce negative faction standing impacts for ship kills) compared to the corp and faction hits. It’s pretty easy to accidentally dip below the unrecoverable point if you have been churning mission offers.

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Get used to it, they were discussing in game this may become significantly higher soon along with burners becoming potentially mandatory in the rotation.

Making missions a more used/integral part of the game being the driver.

Do you have any data to back that up as a potential CCP plan, like an interview link or screen caps of a dev talking about that? Otherwise you are just spreading rumors and that’s really not cool.

its a big discussion in missions chat in game. stop by friendly folks

Are any devs involved in this discussion, or just players?

Hi @Starcrusher_Almighty

Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here. The information provided by Mkikaden is correct: you will need another player to pull standings for you. USIA does pull individual agents (I probably should update our FAQ to indicate this); if you join the USIA Discord server, we would be happy to discuss pricing.

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First, if you haven’t done so make sure you have Diplomacy skill trained up to level 5.

Diplomacy = + 4% Modifier per level to effective standing towards hostile Agents. Not cumulative with Connections or Criminal Connections.

After training that hopefully your effective standing with the agent will be above -2.00 and you can continue doing missions. When you have positive standing with the agent, make sure you have Connections skill trained up to level 5.

Connections = Skill at interacting with friendly NPCs. + 4% Modifier to effective standing from friendly NPC Corporations and Factions per level. Not cumulative with Diplomacy or Criminal Connections.

Also to increase standing gains for completing missions, make sure you have Social skill trained up to level 5.

Social = Skill at social interaction. + 5% bonus per level to NPC agent, corporation and faction standing increase.

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